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Houseplants That Can Help with Allergies and are a Must-have

Top 10 Best Houseplants for Allergy Sufferers


Humans tend to have a special bond with some companions such as pets or plants. As long as time has been existing on this earth, humans have been known to have special bonds both with plants and pets. Plants have been known as quite friendly companions as they have been known to assist mankind since the beginning of companionship.

Plants do a lot of things; they do not just produce enough oxygen so that we can survive properly. In addition to the production of oxygen, plants are also known for a number of things. They also clean the air in your house as well as can give an overall boost to the overall health and ambiance of your house.

House improvement is a section that most of us are always interested in. Whether you have a house of your own or not, you are always dreaming about having this or that in your house in the context of house improvement.

Thus if we are under the context of house decor and lifestyle improvement then you can shift your focus from paints to another subject and that is the placement of plants. Plants are not only to be grown inside the lawn you can also keep them inside your house and get benefitted from their presence there. Furthermore, indoor plants can surely help you with the house ambiance. Your reason can vary from ours and yours can be that you are adding plants in your house in Kings Town Lahore because of the factor of adding colors to the overall house decor or for the aspect of fighting off allergies or getting rid of harmful chemicals.

Today we have combined some of the best indoor plants so that you can keep an eye on them and keep them in your house for the prospect of better and improved health.

Can Plants Help with House Allergies-

This is not just hearsay anymore as this property of plants has been signified by scientific research as well. A study was funded by NASA as they were the first ones to find out that plants can have significant filtering properties that can actually help with the factors of allergies and can have a positive impact on indoor health and can help you to fight off allergies.

The concluding remarks of these studies were that there do exist some plants which can act wonderfully as natural air filters and can get rid of all the air pollutants. Air pollutants are the common causes of serious health issues such as asthma, bronchitis as well as emphysema.

But one aspect of these houseplants that everyone needs to know is that these plants differ from one another depending upon the context of how much care they need as well as how much is their optimal temperature need and demand.

If you are providing them enough time to match and prosper in their optimal range then you are in for a treat. Because in return for all this care, you are doing yourself a favor. These plants can also filter the house for synthetic chemicals which are nowadays a part of your house construction materials, these chemicals range from benzene to formaldehyde as well as POPs.

All of these chemicals can then cause serious health complications such as dizziness, irregular heartbeats, frequent headaches, burning sensations as well as throat and skin issues. Thus rather than having to deal with all this, it is always better to find a middle ground where you can actually work your way around with these materials.

Now let us have a look at some of these indoor plant candidates who can fit in your house and can then provide you with the best environment.



If you look at the plant, you will get a good feeling. Its long and luscious leaves are one for the books as they are capable of trapping the allergen and then leaving the house air to be as clean as possible. Thus if you are in the mood for a clean and purified house ambiance then you should definitely check this one out. This magnanimous plant can get rid of a number of house allergens such as:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Benzene
  • Formaldehyde

And get ready for this one, trichloroethylene. Dracaena is a wondrous plant that is also famous for its cleaning air qualities that are tough to beat otherwise. This quality of this plant makes it a perfect candidate for those houses where the residents are often complaining about skin issues or the presence of allergens.

Some further attributes of this plant that are noteworthy, to say the least, are that it is available in a range of colors. In addition to all this, dracaena does not require exposure to direct sunlight. It can easily survive on artificial light even after 12 to 14 hours a day. As it is a tropical plant thus it cannot survive on lower or higher temperatures and is also in need of high humidity.

Peace Lily-

Peace Lily

Just as the name suggested peace Lily is an indoor plant that can bring peace to your mind and heart. They are the easiest to manage plants that do not require high maintenance and thus can be placed anywhere in your house.

In addition to being low on the maintenance budget, this is also a plant that can purify the air in one of the best ways possible. This is easily one of the most preferred plants that can become a top priority for your house. Many people say that it is because of the fact that its pollen is heavier and tends to stick for a longer period of time.

Furthermore, this plant is also favored because it removes all the toxic gasses from the area in which it has been implanted. It tends to remove all the carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and benzene.

It does not need long periods of strong light to keep it cool and fresh. It is very less demanding in these regards. Furthermore, it has a signaling mechanism that allows it to alert the gardener if too much light is present as it will yellow its leaves.

They are the best candidate to survive in a tropical atmosphere but if the temperature gets too high it will get affected.

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Golden Pothos-

Golden Pothos

This is one of the most common indoor plants that are very famous among the residents. It is also very easy to identify Golden Pothos as it has big and thick leaves. This tropical plant is also one for the books as it can easily get rid of all the allergy-causing agents. If not removed these chemicals can cause serious issues such as irritation and severe headaches.

Golden Pothos is also known by another name in households such as the money plant. It is known to survive even in the hardest of conditions. But you do have to pay attention that neither too much nor too little sunshine is making its way to this plant. What you have to do in the context of these plants is that you have to keep track of the soil moisture, mist the leaves a bit and then you can pay attention to the factor of humidity.

Areca Palm-

Areca Palm

In the original part of the study list, the areca palm was even on the list as one of the best air- purifiers known to man at this current moment. It also increases the presence of water vapors in the environment. The presence of these water vapors ensures that the person does not have to worry about the issues of allergies. Some of the known gasses that these plants can remove are given below:

  • Toluene
  • Xylene
  • Formaldehyde
  • Carbon monoxide

There are some things that you have to keep in mind if you are thinking about placing it in your house such as it requires indirect sunlight for a straight 14 to 16 hours. Make sure to pay attention to its humidity quotient and you are golden!

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Snake Plant-

Snake Plant

Now comes this one, a snake planet is highly reputable in the market as this one cannot grow at any place anytime. You do not have to pay a lot of attention to it as it can take care of itself pretty much on its own. It supports long and erected leaves and thus is a perfect candidate for those houses where people often complain about allergies or toxic compounds.

If you are placing a snake plant in your house then you are making sure that all the allergy causing gasses will make their way out. They also do not require a lot of sunlight and can even thrive in very poor sunlight conditions. They also do not need strict humidity and can even survive in low watering conditions such as just one or two times a week.

We do hope that the above-mentioned information will help you surely in regards to lifestyle management in your dream house. Make use of this information and do remember to thank us later!

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