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Best practices to improve team communication With Team Members

Improve Team Communication
Improve Team Communication

Microsoft Teams is a Microsoft product built to make teams within an organization more productive, even in non-standard situations such as remote work.

The tool works perfectly well for teams with members who work from home, teams sitting in an office, or teams having guest members from an external agency in order to improve team communication.

The platform offers a space to discuss ideas, hold meetings, enhance collaboration, and share files and notes with other team members. Using this platform effectively helps you increase work productivity and organize your team’s efforts.

One of the key areas in which this technology is growing rapidly is healthcare, particularly in the treatment and clinical management. It is feared that this technology will surpass human capabilities and functions.

At the same time, Artificial Intelligence in healthcare can assist in clinical decisions, enhance treatment efficiency, and support the human judgment.

Here are the seven tips you can follow to improve collaboration and drive productivity using this tool.

Blur Background in Online Meetings

A blurred background is a great option when you’re doing video meetings in Microsoft Teams. Normally, people set up their remote work office while working from home, and they don’t need to blur their background.

But you can have an urgent meeting in busy places like a train station, airport, and any other outdoor location. In this situation, blurring the background offers a professional experience and removes distractions.

Microsoft has a built-in feature that blurs everything happening in the background behind the people in a meeting. It reduces the distractions in the background. By this feature, people working remotely can easily hide personal stuff like kids playing in the background and protect their privacy.

Communicate In Channels

Communicating in channels is a great way to enhance collaboration and eliminate any room for miscommunication. Bring the chats with your team members into the conversation tab of your channels.

Each channel is built around a topic, for instance, a department name, project name, or just for fun.

You can hold meetings at channels, work on files together, and have conversations. When you drive conversations into channels, you will notice a decrease in chats and redundant emails.

Set Up Channel Notifications Criteria

Getting accurate information at the right time is crucial to ensure better productivity. When you’re using Microsoft Teams for working remotely, it’s quite easier to miss a piece of information as it will be dispersed in different chats and channels.

So, it is vital to set up proper channel notifications criteria to be more comprehensive than usual. Luckily, you can edit the alerts using this application and get notifications whenever someone replies to you, even if you’re not mentioned or send you a new message.

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Record Your Meetings

The tool has an amazing feature that lets you record all of your online meetings.

The meetings recording is quite beneficial when you want to remind yourself of what was discussed at the meeting a few weeks back. Moreover, you won’t have to write meeting notes. And you can entirely focus on the meeting discussion.

Adding notes from OneNote, tasks from Trello and Planner, and files through SharePoint are just a few options you get from this tool.

The ability to add all these extra resources makes this tool a truly central place for your team collaboration and eases remote work.

Share Your Screen Whenever Possible

When you can’t express yourself visually, it becomes hard to convey your thoughts. Being physically distant from your colleagues worsens the situation. To overcome this challenge, MS Teams have another valuable feature of Screen Share.

The Screen Share option helps you showcase your thoughts and projects to your colleagues on which you are working. It is much like you would do face to face. You can share a specific screen or an entire desktop as well.

Pin The Most Important Channels

To improve team communication successfully across departments in large organizations is a challenge itself. Particularly, when you’re operating remotely, you’ll face more communication noise.

To resolve this, you can use pins for team channels. It creates clarity and offers you greater visibility to your most important channels. And you can rest assured that you won’t miss any important messages.

You should also remove the obsolete teams creating clutter in your Teams application. We at Xavor help you know if you have any inactive teams and evaluate how it can help you with Microsoft Teams monitoring.

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Use tabs

MS Teams is a central hub for your entire team. You can use this platform for communicating as well as sharing files with your team. It is a video meeting and chat platform and cloud storage for all of your business files.

But there’s an additional feature too. You can add virtually a collaboration application and any other Microsoft platform to a team via tabs.

Adding notes from OneNote, tasks from Trello and Planner, and files through SharePoint are just a few options you get from this tool. The ability to add all these extra resources makes this tool a truly central place for your team collaboration and eases remote work.


Microsoft Teams eliminates the communication barriers between teams, allowing members to collaborate and improve team communication efficiently in real-time securely.

If you want to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your team while working remotely, the above tips will surely help you.

Microsoft SharePoint Online is a powerful tool that every business can benefit from. As it offers different types of site templates, every user can make their investment work for them.

These site templates consist of pre-filled page templates, web parts, and news post templates that can be personalized to suit your organization’s needs.

This site is used as a central repository for all the information of your business, such as handbooks, employee guides, and tutorials. It is a great tool for sharing tips among teammates and promoting internal learning. Thus, reducing the need for formal practices and training procedures.

During this pandemic, most of the organizations are working remotely, and so are we. At Xavor, we have been working remotely with Microsoft Teams and learned some amazing tricks on how you can utilize its features to maximize your productivity. Contact us today to leverage the full potential of this platform.

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