How to Prepare for The GRE in 3 Months? GRE Live Online Preparation

6 Effective GRE Preparation Strategies – Highest Number of 325+ Scorers

Prepare for The GRE
Prepare for The GRE

GRE is a standardized test that has a massive impact on business programs worldwide. Do not waste any time if you are looking to prepare for the GRE. A sufficient amount of time can result in an exceptional outcome. Apart from its common requirement in abroad business programs, GRE is beneficial in many other ways. Three months of preparation time is more than enough to score a quality score in GRE.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test used as an admissions requirement for many graduate schools in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many other countries. The GRE is owned and administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS). The test is worldwide recognized and accepted in more than 1,300 organizations across 160 countries globally. In addition, business schools use GRE as an absolute requirement for business programs.

The first and foremost point to learn regarding the GRE test is its exam approach. GRE measures your current ability to gather more knowledge and expertise instead of your potential. Therefore, it is better to recognize your strengths and weaknesses to prepare efficiently for the GRE test. Moreover, GRE does not require you to master a subject or topic per se; you should focus on your abilities.

GRE Exam Pattern:

GRE Exam Section

Questions Time Allocated

Analytical Writing

Analysing issue and argument

30 minutes per task

Verbal Reasoning

2 sections: 20 questions each

30 minutes each section

Quantitative Reasoning

2 sections: 20 questions each

35 minutes each section

Unscored Section

Questions vary

Time vary

Research Section (PhD & Post Docs. exclusive)

Questions vary

Time vary

GRE 3 Months Preparation Guide

Preparing for the GRE test in three months can be laid out differently. You can either go for a universal approach by mixing up sections. Or you can choose to prepare via section to section approach. It is retconned to follow a substantial growth approach as per your current standing on each section of GRE.

Preparation for a quality score in GRE is all about maximizing efficiency. Otherwise, even a three month can fall short. Learn to differentiate tasks and exercises in the proper amount of time. For instance, the universal topics to cover for preparation are put in a short schedule over a more extended period. Take complex topics to learn and adapt. Do not use complex topics to gain expertise on the subject. Follow these tips to prepare efficiently for GRE in 3 months:

Conserve Time Into Increment Learning

Increment learning is the best way to prepare for GRE or GMAT tests. Standardized tests like GRE will require better understanding and execution instead of knowledge and expertise. Your ability to think and act will work as your primary tool when attempting the exam. These skills are sharpened by increment learning. Divide your preparation schedule into more divisions and short pieces. Use regular breaks between different topics and subjects. Applying incremental learning offers both efficiency and more excellent learning.

Different Source Material

While assigning your materials, make sure you include different sources to gather. Going over the same relevant tasks and materials will improve your expertise, not understanding. For instance, take articles from newspapers, magazines, online reports, blogs etc.

Prioritize your desired materials, but keep them different. Going through different format styles will build critical thinking and comprehension, skills required to take the GRE test. While arranging your source and material, please do not waste time focusing on its originality. As mentioned, the goal is to build understanding, not knowledge.

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Strengths Over Weaknesses

It is always recommended to focus more on your strengths and not weaknesses. Even if you have a short preparation time for GRE, prioritizing your strong suit will grant you a higher score. Given three months, you can put a considerable amount into building your weaknesses, however, do not overdo them.

You are only efficient in the GRE test exam until you are comfortable with your skill sets. Questioning yourself in between exams is the most harmful. The most prominent way to overcome it is by building your strengths. This way, even if you face challenges in exams, you will not lose your confidence.

Take Mock Tests

You can find countless GRE mock tests online. It is only a matter of time before you attempt the exam. Why not get a glimpse of the exam in advance? Mock tests will assist you in planning your exam strategies. Generally, GRE mock tests are prepared by the test takers themselves. You have the advantage of taking GRE mock tests multiple times. Set a schedule to take mock tests from time to time. Doing so will familiarize you with the test deeply. Aso, it will identify your weak points while you attempt so that you can work on them.

Use Official Materials

ETS Official Guide (OG) – For GRE. This GRE preparation guide is designed and prepared by the exam setters themselves. The questions and tips included in the official GRE preparation guide are relevant and provide better insight. In case you have your preferred guide, give it a go.

The topics and subjects included in the GRE official guide are from previous tests. Opt for an official guide to save your effort instead of spending your valuable time and finance on different guide books. One key advantage of the GRE official guide is; it will cover most exam elements and provide relevant strategies with actual issues of the test.

Preparing Every Section of GRE

It is essential to evaluate all three significant sections of the GRE to get a quality score. Of course, you can divide your attention as per your current standing, but neglecting any section can cost you essential marks. Try analyzing the sections work on the requirements of the section instead of topics. Your preparation will cover your topics and subjects. Section analyzing is to grant you a strategic point of view.

GRE Analytical Writing

For the analytical writing section of GRE, focus on your analytical writing and critical thinking skills. The argument and the issue in the section do not require a presentation of your beliefs. You have to analyze the topics from a more precise point of view (POV). Your ability to comprehend written material is of utmost essential here.

The GRE Analytical Writing section measures your ability to:

  • articulate complex ideas clearly and effectively
  • support ideas with relevant reasons and examples
  • examine claims and accompanying evidence
  • sustain a well-focused, coherent discussion
  • control the elements of standard written English

Verbal Reasoning

Same as analytical writing, the verbal reasoning section will require keen details on analyzing and evaluating written material. The vital job in this section is to find relationships between sentences. The passages in the verbal reasoning section are taken from published materials. Work through them to gain an eye for details.

The GRE Verbal Reasoning section measures your ability to:

  • analyze and conclude discourse; reason from incomplete data; identify author’s assumptions and/or perspective; understand multiple levels of meaning, such as literal, figurative and author’s intent
  • select important points; distinguish primary from minor or irrelevant points; summarize text, understand the structure of a text
  • understand the meaning of individual words, sentences and entire texts, understand relationships among words and concepts

Quantitative Reasoning

The quantitative reasoning section of GRE consists of algebra, arithmetic, geometry and data analysis. While some questions in the sections are posed in real-life settings, some are posed in entirely mathematical settings.

The GRE Quantitative Reasoning section measures your ability to:

  • understand, interpret and analyze quantitative information
  • solve problems using mathematical models
  • apply basic skills and elementary concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis


GRE preparation can be a tiring objective to achieve. However, it is one of the essential elements of your admission into a quality business program. You can use your GRE test score in non-required GRE programs as well. Also, GRE education is a vast field, and you have countless possibilities to earn in the industry itself. Therefore, put all your effort into your preparation as you only need one impressive attempt.

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