Top 12 Unique Business Ideas For Men – Most Profitable Ideas

Most Profitable Small Business Ideas for Men

Business Ideas For Men
Business Ideas For Men

Previous generations were more focused on stability. On the contrary, our generation loves experimenting before setting up a business.

It won’t be wrong to say that men have more benefits in building a thriving business. They traditionally have been wage earners to fulfill family responsibility. 

Male entrepreneurs are more passionate and liable to take risks. It is generally viewed that male-owned businesses often expand at a much faster rate.

If you are planning to set up a new venture, we have gathered top 12 unique business ideas. These businesses can be set up with a minimal cost in 2022.

Most Profitable Small Business Ideas for Men

  • Restaurant Business

Restaurant Business
Restaurant Business

Many people used to go out at least once a week to eat in restaurants. Due to which this industry is thriving. If you have good managing skills, then setting up a restaurant is a highly profitable business. 

This business can aid you to earn high commission every month. 

  • Bakery Business Ideas

Bakery Business Ideas
Bakery Business Ideas

The bakery business is the most cost-effective business ideas for men. You will need a commercial space to operate this business. In this business, you can sell baked goods prepared by you. This will aid you to attract more customers & earn a profitable pay on every sale.

  • Corporate Event Planning

Event planning is a method to aid clients in organizing an event. These events can be like-

  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Gathering
  • Shows
  • Inauguration events, etc.

You will need to be creative by keeping an eye on details. Moreover, be consistent in your work so that your business name gets stuck in people’s minds.

This business industry is currently growing at a fast pace. You can set up your business and earn high commission with minimal investment.

  • Digital Printing Business

Digital Printing Business
Digital Printing Business

Digital Printing services are in demand among people & businesses all over the world. You can set up your digital printing business with minimal investment. All you need is a laptop, cutter, small scale printing press and a space to set up the business.

The demand for offset printing is increasing swiftly. You can initiate this business and earn a good income every month.

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  • Book and Stationery Shop

Setting up a book and stationery shop is one of the unique & profitable business ideas for men. This business can be operated online too. You will not require any high level of training and skills to set up this business. The basic requirements are

  • A commercial space,
  • All kinds of books and 
  • Stationery materials

This business has a high margin. Thus, it will aid you to have a profitable ROI with minimal investment.

  • Dance school Business

Dance school Business
Dance school Business

Are you a professional dancer with an interest in teaching dance? You can establish your business with a dance school. This business will aid you to consistently have income. You can also teach different dance forms, if you have knowledge of them.

This business can be set up with the following easy steps and earn a highly profitable income-

  • Choose a location
  • Get your business register
  • Give a name to your dance studio
  • Renovate the interior
  • Classify your niche
  • Determine your fees, and
  • Start advertising.
  • YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel

YouTube is a home of more than two billion people worldwide. It drives more than 2 million people to visit on a daily basis. This makes the youtube channel business the most profitable one. You don’t even have to invest a single capital.  It’s free to begin a youtube channel. But to create a video you will need to fulfill the basic equipment of the camera.

Some tips to boost your youtube channel are –

  • Choose a single topic
  • Create and distribute great content
  • Engage with audience
  • Boost up your videos on other social media websites
  • Increase your frequency of uploading videos
  • Push for subscriptions, etc.

They are just small tasks. You can easily accomplish them and earn a good income every month.

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  • Web Designer

The web designing business is in high demand and has a profitable potential to make income. If you have immense designing skills, you can easily set up your web designing business. It is also a best and unique home based business idea.

To set up a web design business, you will have to

  • Organize your idea
  • Build a plan for business
  • Discover business location
  • Have coding skills
  • Arrange all the requirements and
  • Serve your service online.

If you are not a master in coding, you can take help from renowned coding sites to advance your skills. They will support you to earn a high income every month.

  • Perfume Making Business

Perfume making Business
Perfume making Business

Perfume making is one of the top unique business ideas for men. How? You can make your own signature perfume and sell it to customers directly. This will enable you to earn a good profit on every sale.

But before setting up this business, you should make a market strategy for huge profit. You can sell your perfumes outside India and earn a profitable commission.

  • Photography Services

A photo tells a story and with professional photography services, you can aid anyone to narrate their story. You can serve your photography skills in weddings, fashion shows, etc,. Wedding photography is a most profitable gig. But it is a seasonal business. It will vary in the fall and winter season. 

Be sure to plan ahead and make a saving for the off season, if you are getting into the wedding photography business. It is a highly profitable and minimal investment business ideas for men.

  • Supermarket Business

Supermarket Business
Supermarket Business

Supermarket business is the most effective business idea for men. This business requires you to be in regular contact with the dealers to supply products. The profit of the business relies upon the quality of products you market. You will need to make a mark in the business to earn a good profit every month.

  • GST Suvidha Kendra

If you have a basic computer knowledge, you can set up your GST Suvidha Kendra anywhere in India. You will need to buy the franchise of leading GSK to earn a high commission every month.

As a GSK owner, you will aid businessmen, shopkeepers, SMEs to file GST on time. There are some eminent GSKs that give you the opportunity to provide services other than GST. These services are –

  • Insurance payments
  • Loan payments
  • Direct Money Transfer
  • Aadhaar Pay
  • AEPS service
  • Bill payments
  • Cable Recharge
  • Web development
  • Cash Management system, etc.

You can earn a high profitable commission, if you have set up this business at home. The requirements for this business are-

  • A commercial space
  • Primary knowledge of computer software programs
  • Laptop / computer
  • Internet connection
  • Printer
  • Finger print machine &
  • Most important is Indian citizenship.

If you fulfill the above requirements, you can easily set up GSK & earn a high profitable commission every month.


Discovering a unique and profitable business idea is not easy for men. Do more research on the business domain, talk to nearby people & then choose your niche. 

Always keep in your head ”No business is primary or secondary, it’s just how you do it”. We have provided you with the top 12 unique business ideas, you can refer to them and set up your business for high profits.

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