WhatsApp VS Telegram
WhatsApp VS Telegram


WhatsApp VS Telegram: What Works Best For Your Business?

What Are The Differences Between WhatsApp And Telegram?

Businesses must adopt instant messaging apps to better engage with clients, as they have become the norm in people’s personal and professional life. Compared to regular SMS texts and emails, it is a low-cost and speedy method of interaction with clients.

Businesses can send and receive messages from nearly anyone globally as long as they have access to the internet and the app. WhatsApp and Telegram are the two most trending and widely used instant messaging software for having real-time conversations with your consumers.

Telegram is noted for its extensive feature set. WhatsApp has millions of users, and these applications are widely used all over the world for personal as well as business purposes. WhatsApp and Telegram both devices work on both Android and iOS devices.

Let’s compare WhatsApp and Telegram, the two most widely used and trending instant-messaging tools. We’ll also look at these two tools to help you with customer service and marketing and find out what works best for your business.

WhatsApp VS Telegram: Introduction



WhatsApp is the most frequently used messaging app on the planet. WhatsApp’s security terms have become a menace to its users. Despite the controversy, WhatsApp continues to be one of the most popular digital messengers. Users are quickly drawn in by the conveniences and straightforward UI.

Video chats, WhatsApp status, emojis, stickers, GIFs, photo messaging, and the ability to attach various files all capture the user’s attention quickly. Users are impressed by the appealing interface and feel at ease using the controls. Regardless of prior experience, you can easily navigate its platform.

You can change the chat space to make your conversation more lively. Despite its flaws, few of its tailored functionalities motivate customers to utilize the app. It is a well-known messaging program that has conquered communication channels worldwide.



Nikolai and Pavel Durov founded the Telegram messaging application in 2013. Telegram is a straightforward messenger with various functions, and it contains built-in stickers and emoticons to keep your conversation exciting. Aside from these features, there are a few unique features and multi-platform support.

Over 200 million people have downloaded this software. The number could rise in the future. This program provides outstanding data security and extra effort to preserve users’ privacy.

It’s a cloud-based messaging program with an open API for integration and development to meet your special needs. The encoded channels enable a high level of security by shielding your messages from unauthorized access. This program is one of the greatest instant messaging tools available, serving personal and professional purposes.

What Are The Differences Between WhatsApp And Telegram?

There are significant distinctions between WhatsApp and Telegram if you examine them closely, and this section will assist you in making an informed decision between these two programs.

Telegram uses a dependable end-to-end encryption mechanism to secure communications with the self-destructive property. Before disappearing, you can set a time limit for sent texts to show at their destination.

WhatsApp provides end-to-end encoding in chat, but a recent study revealed that spy malware stealthily gathers users’ WhatsApp status data. Telegram is a multi-platform application, and it employs many channels; the telegram clients can be used on multiple devices, and working with various phones is impossible in WhatsApp.

Telegram uses bots to perform tasks like setting reminders, playing music, and creating to-do lists. This bot comes pre-installed and does not require any installation.

This feature is not available on WhatsApp. Telegram offers limitless file sharing and cloud storage choices, while WhatsApp lags.

The maximum file size is 1.5GB. The file types available in WhatsApp are limited to video, photo, and document formats. When compared to WhatsApp, Telegram has amazing updates. Telegrams can have up to 200,000 members, whereas WhatsApp groups can have 256.

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WhatsApp VS Telegram For Business

To stay competitive, both instant messaging networks have developed over time. While both have their functions, businesses can compare and contrast the more prevalent characteristics to determine whether they should utilize one of these instant messaging tools for customer assistance and engagement.

1.    Customer Support:

While the WhatsApp software has finite capabilities, WhatsApp chatbot integration allows for extensive automation to keep up with client communication.

Your business CRM can also be integrated using the WhatsApp Business API. Because all customer information is in one location, it is easier to provide superior customer service.

It also gives your employees access to a shared team dashboard. The API allows several customer service representatives to access the aggregated dashboard. There aren’t many customer assistance functionalities in Telegram as there are in WhatsApp.

Telegram’s group and relay conversation function allows users to communicate with one another. Telegram has no communications limitations, but WhatsApp does. Telegram has no communications limitations, but WhatsApp does.

Telegram channels also protect customers from being inundated with messages by allowing new subscribers to see earlier messages on the channel. In WhatsApp groups, however, this is not the case.

2.    Chatbot Automation:

The WhatsApp API enables comprehensive communication automation. It allows users to have simple or complex questions automatically addressed. WhatsApp ensures that you only use its API to deliver high-quality curated messages when you use approved message templates. That’s a plus for excellent customer service.

The API allows customized responses for a conversational WhatsApp chatbot. The chatbot can use the mixed client’s profile to gather details like the client’s name, location, and past interaction history to serve them. It decreases customer service reps’ burden while maintaining excellent levels of service.

Telegram also offers chatbots for business through third-party providers. On the other hand, these chatbots cannot converse with you, and you must communicate with them using commands like /weather or /update. These bots can make quizzes, polls, broadcast messages, etc.

3.    Payments:

For Indian users, WhatsApp has launched WhatsApp Pay. Users can pay with their bank accounts linked to the app. WhatsApp doesn’t save any card or PIN data. Before any transaction can be processed, it will need to verify. In India, BHIM UPI is used for this secure process, which exclusively transfers cash between banks.

The payments API allows businesses to accept payments on TelegramTelegram. In April 2021, TelegramTelegram announced Payments 2.0, enabling merchants to send bills and receive clearance from their clients. Here’s how to get started accepting payments with chatbots.

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4.    Media And File Support:

Users can share videos, audio, images, chats, and more using Telegram and WhatsApp. These files can be shared with clients and others or sent via email. The maximum size of a video shared on WhatsApp is 16MB.

The maximum file size is 100MB, and Telegram enables files of up to 2GB. Any sort of media file is subject to this limitation.

5.    Operating Systems:

WhatsApp Business is available for Android, iOS, web, and desktop platforms. It connects four devices to a single business number, perfect for single owners and small organizations.

Telegram is also accessible on various operating systems and Android and iOS. Messages are synced across many devices, including phones, tablets, and desktops.

6.    Privacy:

The main reason for the user’s decision to migrate to Telegram is WhatsApp’s weak privacy restrictions. Users worldwide have switched to alternative chat apps due to recent revisions in WhatsApp’s privacy policies.

WhatsApp exposes a user’s phone number, posing a serious threat to privacy. Anyone can join a WhatsApp group via the link, which appears visible through a Google search. As a result, there have been anonymous interruptions.

The telegram tool doesn’t identify users by their phone numbers. On the chat platform, users can select a username with which they can interact, and this method safeguards the user’s privacy.

7.    Security:

Do you think WhatsApp is safer than Telegram or the other way around? Most users over WhatsApp prefer Telegram because of its strong security features, and Telegram offers end-to-end encrypted communication and keeps user data safe in the cloud.

The Telegram program employs industry-standard encryption. When messages are intercepted by numerous sources such as ISPs, network administrators, and anonymous parties, it isn’t easy to decode them. The data leak issues make WhatsApp users feel frightened.

Due to the lack of security safeguards, WhatsApp users were forced to seek an alternative.

Which Application Is Best For Your Business?

WhatsApp and Telegram Business include capabilities that can benefit various businesses and clients. However, the following are some reasons why WhatsApp is superior for an online consumer’s overall experience.

  • While the primary goal is to offer real-time, responsive customer service, WhatsApp enables clients to window-shop your product line and make purchases. WhatsApp business effectively transforms WhatsApp into an e-business program.
  • A catalog is also available in the app. A link to the catalog can also be published on other social media platforms to encourage more people to engage with you.
  • WhatsApp offers a feature called stories. This feature can market your brands and assistance to your phone contacts.
  • More people can join Telegram groups than WhatsApp groups. As a result, instead of using WhatsApp, you can use Telegram to develop a larger connected community.
  • In the Telegram group, we discovered we have superior admin controls. We could remove a text sent by another group member.
  • You can also pin an essential message, pieces of information, or details in the Telegram group.


WhatsApp and Telegram are instant messaging software trending and are widely used worldwide. Both the tools have their features and drawbacks. Besides their features, these apps are also used for business purposes as they help in client interaction and engagement.

In this article, we’ve included detailed information about WhatsApp and Telegram to assist you in choosing the best and most trustworthy application for your business. Go through the article to find out the best app for your business.

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