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How can a wooden mirror enhance the beauty of any space?

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Mirrors are used for centuries to ornament spaces. If mirrors are placed strategically, they can enhance the beauty of the space manifold.

A wooden mirror not only beautifies a space but also adds volume to it. You need to pick up the right mirror for your space so that it looks beautiful as well as makes it look bigger.

Mirrors are used for multiple reasons like you can use them to floss your teeth, touch up your makeup, or just look at how well you are dressed up. Mirrors come in all shapes, sizes, and materials.

You need to understand that mirrors are not just limited to your bathroom, you can use them to beautify your entire home.

Here are some benefits of having mirrors in your home:

  1. Mirrors produce the illusion of space- You can use a wooden mirror in your décor in case you live in a small apartment. Mirrors can make your space look bigger because they reflect light from other spaces. You can even place mirrors in a narrow hallway or place identical mirrors by side along the hallway so that it looks less cramped.
  2. Mirrors increase the appeal of any room- You can make your room beautiful and pleasant if you make use of mirrors. You can even use the reflection of the mirror to bring attention to a pretty vase or any other attractive showpiece.
  3. A wooden mirror is a statement piece- One might not have ever thought but mirrors can make a wonderful statement piece in any given space. If you choose a large mirror with a wooden frame, nothing can beat the look of it. You should place these mirrors on the most visually prominent walls.
  4. Mirrors can be used to maximize the lighting of a room- Mirror can make the room look double through its reflection and can also increase the brightness of the room. You can even hang mirrors across the windows so that more natural light can flow inside the room. You can even arrange mirrors in such a way that they reflect artificial lighting.
  5. Mirrors bring good energy in the space- From the point of view of Vastu, mirrors are considered as an element that helps to create balance in the environment and bring good energy to the space. A wooden mirror has the quality of bringing you close to nature because of the presence of wooden elements as well as helps to make your guests feel more welcome.
  6. Mirrors keep you stylish and well-dressed- Mirrors are important if you wish to maintain a personal image throughout the day. Whenever you cross a mirror, you tend to look at yourself which means that in case you are not looking up to the mark, you can fix it. You can even place a mirror by the entry of the house so that you can take one last visual check before you head out.
  7. You can hide imperfections using mirrors- Not every home or apartment is perfect. There might be a hole in the wall or any undesirable patch. You can easily conceal such areas by placing an attractive wooden mirror over them. This will not only enhance the beauty of the space but also hide unwanted patches.
  8. Mirrors offer additional security- At some places, more than anything else, mirrors are used to keep an eye on suspicious individuals. If you place mirrors throughout your home, you can have a similar effect. These mirrors also allow you to see around walls and doorways. If you want to see Vastu colors for bedroom recommended in Vastu Shastra, you can visit Woodsala.

The Do’s and Don’ts of wooden mirrors:


  • Don’t place mirrors if the space is cluttered because the reflection will make it look even more cluttered.
  • The reflection should be of something that adds additional aesthetic value to the room.
  • Consider the shape, size, and texture of the mirror so that it is in harmony with other décor elements in the room.


  • Don’t use screws to hang the mirrors. Instead, you can go for wall hooks.
  • Don’t overdo the space by placing too many mirrors.
  • Don’t place the mirror right opposite the main entrance of your house.
  • Don’t go against Vastu while placing the mirror in your home.

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Various wooden mirror designs:

  1. Antique wooden mirror design- This design can be chosen for a large mirror as well as a small pocket mirror. It comes with a floral and antique wooden frame that makes it look more attractive. This is the mirror that every woman should have.
  2. Wooden Mirror with storage- You will be amazed to know that there are some mirrors that come with storage options as well. These are mainly used as dressing mirrors. The mirror has a walnut finish that gives it a rich look and the wooden drawers can be used to keep cosmetics, makeup products, etc.
  3. Indian style wooden mirror frame- This mirror allows you to give your home an Indian touch. This mirror has an intricate design and offers a lovely old-world charm. You can place this mirror in the hallway or bedroom.
  4. Round wooden mirror- You can even go for a round mirror instead of a square or rectangular one. The round shape is achieved by placing wooden chips next to each other to get the required pattern. You can place this mirror in your bathroom or even bedroom.
  5. French-style wooden mirror- This wooden frame is embellished with a floral design of leaves. It is a nice broad rectangular frame that has a French look.


A wooden mirror is a wonderful addition to any space. It comes in a variety of shapes and styles. You can very well express your individual style and taste by placing an attractive mirror in your home.  You can even get a wooden mirror customized as per your taste and requirement. Mirrors are a great way to add aesthetic appeal to any room as well as make it look bigger. You can pair such mirrors with the existing décor element to bring the look of the home together.

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