5 Reasons To Use AR In Your E-Commerce App

AR In Your E-Commerce App
AR In Your E-Commerce App

Ever since the introduction of Pokemon Go in 2016, many people’s interests have been captivated by the inherent possibilities of AR across niches. People without an affinity for video games found it a trial, primarily because of their animated characters.

Although AR didn’t experience the immense growth tech enthusiasts expected from the technology, it has been evolving at a pace that both critics and evangelists of the technology expect an astronomical rise.

The growing trend of Augmented Reality in the e-commerce industry is expected to yield maximum profitability by easing the consumer shopping experience and aiding advertising. Here are five reasons to Use AR in your digital commerce application:

1. Customers can Try a Product Before Using Them

E-commerce business models help people make purchases online. However, a drawback to this technology is due to inability to test products you want to buy. This drawback is believed to be the biggest hindrance to the increased acceptability of eCommerce business models.

People want to use a product, try them on their skin, and enjoy how it looks before paying for them. AR eliminates this disadvantage of brick-and-mortar stores. Using AR applications, consumers can view a product in detail before including it in their cart.

One instance where this was done efficiently was with IKEA. They created an online shopping app where users can view the furniture looks in their homes before making a final purchase.

To use this feature, prospective furniture buyers will take a picture of their room and put a 3D model of the piece of furniture in a chosen spot, all done in-app. This lets them see if a chosen site fits the item very well.

Another app performing a similar function is Amazon AR View. Although Amazon has only opened up this feature for furniture purchases, they aim to include other products like jewelry shortly.

With regular improvements in AR, 3D models for testing are becoming realistic. This gives hope that it’ll find more applicability in testing a range of products and services sold online. Imagine trying out a shirt, pair of shoes, glasses, bangles, etc., via an AR-enabled app.

And the possibility of a refund request reduces because there’ll be more certainty about their purchases. This means better customer reviews.

2. It improves brand value

Since this is a relatively new technology with low usage, your brand will stand out as one of its early adopters. For example, if you visit a 5-star hotel where every room is expensive, you’ll expect a well-furnished and decorated room.

Irrespective of how it looks outdoors, you’ll expect new and swanky decorations that match the price you pay. This is because luxury hotels can only get away with exorbitant fees when they offer top-of-the-class comprehensive services. From the environment to the landscape, and furniture has to be pitch-perfect.As with the hotel in the example above, your e-commerce site is also a brand that has a reputation to protect. And where your eCommerce platform is new and doesn’t yet have any reputation, you aim to curate a marketing strategy to increase that brand as early as possible.

Every feature and functionality in your online site impacts your brand value.

The presence of AR on your online site will undoubtedly improve your brand value. It makes your business advanced, user-oriented, and modern.

3. It Shows You Care About Your Customer

Still in the discussion about your brand.

Including AR technologies in your online e-commerce website helps to create a notion that you care.

Have you ever bought an item on the internet with a hand-written appreciation message from the seller? You’ll feel good about the purchase. This extra touch improves the company brand, value, and how much you think they care.

AR allows you to achieve the same objective.

Imagine a feature that lets users view every product better using Augmented Reality. Even the most pessimistic customer will consider your brand to be thoughtful. You’ll automatically stand out as a better version of your competitors.

4. It Makes Products and Services More Premium

Numerous studies have proven that items viewed with AR technologies are considered more valuable, and users are more open to paying higher prices compared to alternatives.

A study by Daymon shows that nearly half of shoppers will pay a premium fee if they can view a product via Augmented Reality. The same research also shows that over 70% of people purchased an item they had no plan to buy after viewing with AR.

It’s safe to conclude that Augmented Reality automatically markets your products and leads to improved sales.

Research has also proven that an item not considered premium automatically seems premium once viewed with AR, as it makes its best features shine. Suddenly, there’ll be an increase in sales, and consumers will be more willing to pay more for the same product than before.

Products with high value will receive astronomical sales because Augmented Reality helps to magnify its benefits to users.

5. It makes Your Products More Memorable

A bitter truth with all types of e-commerce inclusive – is that not every person that checks out your product intends to and will purchase it.

Web page visitors bump into random sites by mistake; they check out the platform and leave. Some are just interested in seeing what your product entails or perhaps don’t have enough money to close the purchase.

Even if you partner with top-of-the-class best design agencies like JayDevs. Or partner with the most experienced in the field to craft every sentence as effectively as possible. Some page viewers will always bounce.

But can AR help reduce bounce rate and help convert more page viewers to sales?

A study by Zappar shows that AR helps users remember your product–more effectively than images, video, and even VR. What’s the impact of this?

When visitors use the AR on your site but do not purchase any item, the next time they find that same item they viewed with Augmented Reality, they automatically associate the product with your brand.


Adopting AR technology in your e-commerce site business opens your organization up to myriad benefits that entail improved sales, reduced bounce rate, improved value, etc. With the right dedicated software development team, you can imbibe AR in your eCommerce business to stand out.

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