Benefits of Sexual Health Education – Adolescent & School Health

Sexual Health Education
Sexual Health Education

Educating every youth helps create awareness of adolescents’ sexual and reproductive health on safe sexual practices. Sexual health education helps reduce sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, herpes, and other sexual infections. It also aids in protecting both the child and the mother from infectious diseases during delivery and prepares people for their careers.

This article will discuss the common importance of reproductive health education and continue reading.

Prepare for a career in Sexual and reproductive health

Preventing and treating sexual and reproductive health problems requires thoroughly interpreting social and psychological concepts. This clarifies how it occurs and explains the diagnostic and biological aspects of reproductive and sexual health and wellbeing.

Postgraduate courses provide you with skills and knowledge to address such issues and allow you to specialize in any of the four pathways. These pathways include public health, psychosexual therapy, commonly known as sexual health counseling or sexology, HIV and STIs, and reproductive health and fertility.

Reduce Rate of STIs Transmission

Sex education helps women to prevent the risk of conceiving unplanned pregnancies and subjecting themselves to sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This is achieved by providing relevant messages to the youths about reproductive problems and encouraging them to use STD protection or contraceptives continuously.

In Jamaica, a study on about 600 students aged between 18 to 26 years revealed that only 27% of girls and 32% of boys were engaging in safe sexual intercourse. Similar information was reached in other regions where most of the sexually active individuals engage in unprotected sex.

Sex education and information council names concepts in sex education programs: relationships, personal skills, human development, society and culture, sexual health, and sexual behavior.

Break Taboos

Several people get the idea of reproductive or sexual health either embarrassing or awkward. However, it is not a daily thing that someone you barely know inquires about your intimate details on your sexual life or asks for permission to examine your genitals.

Be positive to understand and help people make informed decisions about their reproductive or sexual well-being and the confidence to seek help.


It’s an individual right to decide when, where, if, and with whom to have intimate, and if and when to have babies free from coercion, violence, and discrimination. By studying reproductive and sexual health, you will be in a position to educate people about sexuality, sex, and fertility.

Protect both Mother and Child from Infectious Diseases

There are infections that can hurt both the mother and the developing fetus before and during the pregnancy. These infections can result in serious illness, lifelong disabilities like learning problems or hearing loss, and birth defects.

Sexual education equips expectant mothers with broad knowledge on how to carry themselves to protect both mother and the developing fetus from infectious diseases like passing Zika virus from mother to fetus and many other virus infections.


Almost every year, millions of sexually active individuals become infected with sexually transmitted infections and HIV leading to considerable loss to society. The rate of infectious diseases brings concerns to the public health sector and developing countries.

Qualification in reproductive and sexual health can lead to the ease of this burden of diseases.

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