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Top 10 Key Features of a Virtual job fairs – 24/7 Customer Support

Best Features of a Virtual job fairs

Virtual Fairs Platform

The successful execution of any virtual event depends on the platform’s features and tools that can keep your attendees engaged.

Today, there are multiple enterprises and organizations that have adopted the virtual sphere to enhance their brand value and reach a large number of people at a time. 

Having said this, there are different types of online events creating a buzz and growing rapidly in the market. Virtual job fairs are one of the same kind.

Career and job fairs are means to bring different employers and interested job seekers on one platform. Hence, it is important to choose your venue partner and the event features carefully. 

Let us have a look at the 10 essential features of a virtual fair platform;

Customized Branding

The motive of any virtual job fair or career fair is to attract more attendees and find the top talent. Hence, companies or employers need to showcase their brand value exceptionally. Excellent branding is the key to luring more job seekers.

Therefore, you should look for a virtual fair platform that offers customized options in order to make your event highly remarkable. Customized branding options let you create a compelling landing page, impressive event website, a virtual lobby, dynamic banners, GIFs, and more. 

With eye-catching customization abilities, you can also create virtual booths that will give comprehensive information about the employers. It includes convenient document sharing options, downloadable PDFs, videos, and accessible videos and images.

Resume Filter Selections

Virtual career fairs are aimed to connect candidates with the right recruiter or employer. All of this happens with everyone sitting at home and participating in the event virtually. But, with a large number of attendees joining, it is important to set different bifurcations.

So, you can add a feature of everyone selecting their interest areas before joining the event.

It will make it easier for recruiters to choose the best suitable resume according to the vacancies they have. It is an effective strategy that helps save ample time and energy for the candidates and the employers.

Ability to Drive Attendee Engagement

The ability to keep your attendees engaged is the best way to increase their dwell time on the platform. Based on the event and business needs, you need to incorporate effective tools that will keep your audience involved.

You can consider gamifying your virtual fair in order to make your event more enjoyable. Temple run, spin the wheel, tic-tac-toe, bingo, word games, crosswords are some of the top choices.

Best virtual event platforms also include tools like a social wall, signature wall, a photo booth to boost attendee engagement.

Real-time Chat & Networking Lounges

Real-time Chat
Real-time Chat

An ideal virtual event software needs to include tools like live chat, audio & video functions to make way for real-time interactions. It is an excellent way for employers and job seekers to chat and know if their interests and requirements match.

Platforms can also include meeting or networking rooms to make it convenient for attendees and exhibitors to have 1:1 & group discussions. These functions are excellent ways to recreate the experiences of an on-site job fair.

Networking Opportunities

Best networking tools are ways to promote interaction between an exhibitor and attendee. You can insert features like business card exchange, live chat, breakout rooms, etc that individuals can use to engage and connect. You can also add an AI-matchmaking tool to let people connect based on their common interests and matters.

This makes it easier for job seekers to find the most suited employer based on their requirements. Make sure to include top-notch chat, audio, and video tools to promote interview sessions on the platform itself.

Easy Navigation

Easy Navigation
Easy Navigation

A user-friendly interface is a great way to enhance the attendee experience. Platforms that have a simple log-in process with no irrelevant downloads or set-ups help minimize audience drop-off. Keeping immersive and titled rooms or lounges make it easy for everyone to navigate to their required area. 

Multi-device Compatibility

With so many attendees joining the online career fair, it is unfair to expect them to attend the event from the same kind of device. So, the event planners must make sure that their platform is compatible to run smoothly on different android and iOS devices.

Your event should be conveniently accessible on multiple laptops, smartphones, and tablets. It is a great idea to boost event attendance.

Social Media Integration

Today, social media platforms are one of the quickest means to boost your global reach. So, platforms that allow social media integration of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn make it easier to gain more attendance and popularity.

Making event-specific trending hashtags or posting engaging content on social media tools helps increase the brand’s social presence.

Detailed Insights and Analytics

One of the best advantages of an online event is that you can measure its success. Top virtual fair platforms help you with detailed reporting of attendee footprint right from the moment they enter to the entire platform navigation.

Organizers can gauge the metrics of attendee registrations, the number of messages exchanged between an attendee and exhibitor, the count of downloaded content, the number of times the live chat feature was used, and more. Through these deeper insights, you’ll have a profound understanding of the likability factor of your event.

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support
24/7 Customer Support

It is vital to back a live online event with a strong technical team. A 24/7 customer support team will help ensure that attendees have a smooth platform experience. And if in case they find an issue while navigating the platform, the team should be immediately available to sort it out.

You can also think of providing video tutorials or guidebooks related to platform navigation to make it easier for attendees to explore the virtual stage.

Wrapping Up

With the availability of diverse virtual event platforms, make sure to recognize your event goals and choose your online partner that can satisfactorily fulfill your requirements. It is the first and crucial step to hosting successful virtual trade shows, conferences, award shows, meetings, fests, job fairs, and more.

Transform your live physical conferences into a visually rich virtual environment. Host virtual conferences, virtual meetings, virtual product launches, virtual job fairs, virtual trade shows, virtual keynote sessions, breakout sessions, and more on a comprehensive virtual event platform that offers engaging tools, interactive features, and robust data tracking capabilities.

Facilitate your attendees to have free-flowing interactions in real-time at their convenience remotely. Plan your virtual conference with Dreamcast, book a free demo today.

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