How Many Rivers in Kerala? Longest & Smallest River

Rivers in Kerala
Rivers in Kerala

The Western Ghats are the source of 44 rivers of Kerala, but only three of them originate there. There are 41 of them that flow west and just three that flow eastward. When it comes to length, width, and the amount of water they carry, Kerala’s rivers are on the tiny side.

Rivers in the Western Ghats are likely to flow faster due to their proximity to the ocean and the region’s undulating landscape. This has tamed every river, and a large number of them either convert back into creeks or entirely vanish in the summer.

Many of Kerala’s water resources, including its spectacular cascades, stunning sea coasts, rivers, and wonderful dams, are being preserved by the state.

If you’re looking for a place to unwind and relax amid nature, the rivers in Kerala might make it a terrific place to visit. The following is a list of some of Kerala’s most stunning rivers, all of which you should visit at some point.

Some of the following rivers in Kerala:

Periyar River:

Periyar is one of the most significant and biggest rivers in Kerala, and goes a step further in influencing the culture, traditions, and way of life of many people. When the weather is nice, you may see some of the most beautiful scenery, complete with palm and coconut trees.

Kerala’s Periyar River, which is one of the state’s most beautiful, is secluded enough to be unspoiled by city activity. This river is a must-see if you enjoy the outdoors.

River Name Periyar River
River Length 244 km
River Discharge 295 m³/s
River Source Tamil Nadu
River Mouths Arabian Sea, Vembanad Lake
River Cities Kochi
Bridges of River Varapuzha Bridge, Marthanda Varma Bridge Aluva

Nila River:

After the Periyar, this majestic river is one of the second-largest rivers of Kerala; it originates in the Western Ghats, in the Annamalai Hills, and runs into the Arabian Sea.

Even though flow it is quite large, this river cannot be crossed and therefore it passes through the peaceful neighborhoods of Thrissur, Palakkad, and Malappuram. The verdant scenery that surrounds this incredible treasure helps create a view that is nothing short of a dream come true.

River Name Nila River
River Length 209 km
River Discharge 161 m3/s
River Source Anamalai Hills
River Mouths Lakshadweep Sea
River Cities Kerela
Bridges of River

Chaliyar River:

Chaliyar, sometimes called Chulika and Beypore, is the fourth-longest river of Kerala. Chaliyamand is where the river’s southern edge touches the Lakshadweep atoll.

The north is called Beypore. The fact that this river continues to flow even when there is a severe lack of precipitation is what fascinates people the most about it.

River Name Chaliyar River
River Length 169 km
Source Western Ghats
Mouths Arabian Sea, Laccadive Sea
Cities Kozhikode
Bridges of River

Bharathapuzha River:

With a length of 209 kilometers, the Bharathapuzha is the longest river in Kerala. Due to its reputation as one of Kerala’s most picturesque rivers, the Bharathapuzha river attracts a lot of tourists that enjoy the outdoors.

The Bharathapuzha River has considerable cultural value because many renowned poets were born in the cities that are situated on its banks. The temples along the river’s banks, which you should see while on vacation, are another factor contributing to its significance.

River Name Bharathappuzha River
River Length 209 km
Discharge 161 m3/s (5,700 cu fit/s)
Source Anaimalai Hills
Mouths Arabian Sea, Laccadive Sea
Cities Palakkad
Bridges of River Chamravattom Bridge

Neyyar River:

If you are wondering which river is the smallest in length in Kerala, it’s Neyyar. The Neyyar River is 56 km long and one of the smallest rivers in Kerala. The Neyyar Dam, a wonderful place for a picnic, is where the Neyyar River runs. Visit the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is situated on the banks of the Neyyar River, if you’re eager for a jungle safari.

Prepare yourself for an exciting weekend as you enjoy this beautiful river and all the neighboring attractions, including the Lion Safari Park, Agasthya Peak, and the Crocodile Breeding Center.

River Name Neyyar River
River Length 56 km
Source Agasthyamalai
Mouths Arabian Sea
Cities Thiruvananthapuram
Bridges of River

Valapattanam River:

The largest river in the Kannur district and one of the most popular rivers in Kerala is the Valapattanam River. On the Valapattanam River’s bank is where you’ll find the Parassinikadavu Sree Muthappan Temple.

Along with passing through well-known cities like Iritty, Parassinikkadavu, and Irikkur, the river is also home to several illustrious Hindu temples. These cities have boating facilities, so you can embark on a captivating boat ride to take in the splendor of this river.

River Name Valapattanam River
River Length 110 km (68 mi)
River Discharge Kannur
River Source Brahmagiri
River Mouths Arabian Sea
River Cities Payyannur, Mattannur
Bridges of River Varam Kadavu Bridge and 6 More

Kallada River:

The Punalur River, which originates from Chendurni, Kulathupuzha, and Kalthuruthy, is a tributary of the Kallada River. The 121 km long Kallada River in Kerala flows through the Kollam District and is a popular tourist destination.

River Name Kallada River
River Length 121 km
River Discharge Kulathupuzha
River Source Kulathupuzha hills
River Mouths Ashtamudi Lake
River Cities Kallada, Punalur, Pathanapuram
Bridges of River

This river hosts the Kallada Boat Race, which is attended by both residents and visitors. When the Kallada River is full of water and the boat race is taking place, it is the greatest time to visit.

India’s largest, Highest, longest Dam in India

List of How Many Rivers in Kerela and their Names:

S.No West Flowing Rivers of Kerala Major Tributaries / Distributaries Empties Into Length (km)
1 Anjarakkandi River Arabian Sea 52
2 Achenkovil River Pampa 128
3 Baikal River 10
4 Bharathapuzha (Nila) River Gayathripuzha, Kannadipuzha, Kalppathipuzha, Poothapuzha Arabian Sea 209
5 Chalakkudy River Periyar Periyar 144
6 Chaliyar River Iringipuzha, Cherupuzha, Kurumbanpuzha Arabian Sea 168
7 Chandragiri River Arabian Sea 104
8 Chittar River Arabian Sea 25
9 Itthikkara River Paravoor Lake 56
10 Kaariyankode River Kavvai Lake 64
11 Kadalundi River Arabian Sea 130
12 Kallada River Ashtamudi lake 120
13 Kallai River Arabian Sea 22
14 Kalnadu River 8
15 Karamana River Arabian Sea 67
16 Karuvannoor River Enamaakkal Lake 48
17 Kavvai River Kavvai Lake 22
18 Keecheri River Enamaakkal Lake 43
19 Korappuzha River Arabian Sea 40
20 Kumbala River 10
21 Kuppam River Valapattanam River 80
22 Kuttyadi River Arabian Sea 73
23 Maahi River Arabian Sea 54
24 Manjeshwaram River Uppala Lake 16
25 Manimala River Pampa 91
26 Maugral River Arabian Sea 33
27 Meenachil River Vembanadu lake 67
28 Muvattupuzha River 120
29 Neeleshwaram River Kaariyankode River 46
30 Neiyyar River Arabian Sea 56
31 Pampa River Azhuthayaar, Kakkattaar, Kallar, Manimala, Achenkovil Vembanad lake 176
32 Periyar River Splits into two Kodangalloor lake 244
33 Perumpa River 40
34 Purapparamba River 8
35 Ramapurampuzha River Arabian Sea 19
36 Shiriya River Arabian Sea 65
37 Thalasseri River Arabian Sea 28
38 Tiroor River Bharatapuzha 48
39 Uppala River Arabian Sea 50
40 Valapattanam River Arabian Sea 112
41 Vamanapuram River Anchuthengu Lake 80

These 3 Rivers in East Kerala:

# East Flowing Rivers Length (km)
1 Paampar River Paampar and Bhavani flow into Tamilnadu. Kabani enters Karnataka. All three of them empty into Kaveri Flows only a few kilometers through Kerala
2 Bhavani River
3 Kabani River

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