Broken Link Building
Broken Link Building


How to Leverage the Power of Broken Links for Better SEO?

Broken link building made easy – How Does Broken Link Building Work?

Link earning is an extremely smart way to improve and build your online authority to improve rankings, but that is common knowledge. However familiar it is, it is not simple. In 2022 Broken Link Building for SEO is essential to all businesses’ success.

Earning endorsements through broken link building and helping improve User Experience (UX) is not to be underestimated.

Here are a few tips on how broken link building can help your SEO in 2022

  • Broken Link Building – What is it?
  • How Does Broken Link Building Work?
  • How to Improve your Chances of Success
  • 4 Steps to Rebuilding Broken Backlinks
  • What Kind of Content Do They Actually Need?
  • Create and Improve the Quality of New Content

Even on some of the world’s biggest websites, you can find broken hyperlinks where you click, and as we have all seen before, this appears:

‘Page not found’ or ‘404 error’. It’s not the first and will not be the last time we see this.

You will not get alerted if external links are removed or deleted as a site owner. This issue can linger and go unnoticed, which is not suitable for the user. And in 2022, where User Experience (UX) is of the utmost importance to Google and all the SERPs, this will drag your rankings down.

Using effective broken link building services to clear dead links up to earn new backlinks for your site can considerably boost you.

So in this article, I’ll explain what to look out for and how it can help.

Broken Link Building – What is it?

Broken Link Building is strategised to identify dead links on external websites. Once identified, offer alternative relevant content and replace the deleted or removed pages.

Broken Link Building
Broken Link Building

When you start with broken link building, you’re informing the site owner that a technical error has occurred on their page. Then offer an informative alternative replacement that will benefit their audience. Therefore, makes the webmaster’s job easier to change the broken link and point it to your site, which is a win-win for both parties.

When we say win-win, that is because there are SEO benefits too. External site backlinks help to demonstrate a higher domain authority (DA), which Google is looking for.

How Does Broken Link Building Work?

The basics of link building, in general, involve opening lines of communication with other site owners and asking them for a backlink. You could be writing an informative article or guest blog and ask to be added to a resourceful list.

Our advice is to be careful and professional when you approach other companies and let them understand why it will be mutually beneficial. Still, without over-selling yourself, it is a favour you’re asking for and be assured you are not the only one asking for this.

In essence, broken backlink building can be very effective. You provide tangible benefits for the site owner to identify a broken link they may have missed and provide a solution. Who wouldn’t want that?

You are offering broken link building services for free but at the same time helping yourself, which can be a crucial part of any SEO campaign. With Google crawlers, navigation is everything. If they can crawl through a site seamlessly, it will give significant ranking benefits and, in turn, helps the webmaster.

How to Improve your Chances of Success?

A site owner Should welcome you with open arms to help with broken link building IF a well-researched and presented replacement idea fits the page’s theme and overall goals. You’re simply proving that you deserve their endorsement.

Content needs to be well-written, relevant, engaging, and informative to the user. Google’s search bots and crawlers are brilliant and advanced, and they will determine the usefulness of a link.

What Google looks to do is satisfy their readers and users for that subject; if you can do that, you are on the way to better standings with the SERPs.

4 Steps to Rebuilding Broken Backlinks

The best strategy is to target relevant pages. The internet is vast, so identifying the right pages and those with broken links may feel a little like finding a needle in a haystack. However, there are ways to simplify this; let’s take a look at the four steps:

  1. Make a target list of web pages and sites
  2. Find broken links and then assemble a prospect list
  3. Write replacement content
  4. Outreach with assistance

So before I go into finer detail, let’s take a look at steps one and two. Broken link building for SEO involves differentiating the two groups of sites.

  • Target Sites – These sites have relevant content for other pages to link to. In an ideal world, they have a high DA and other pages linking to them, giving you a more comprehensive range of sites to look through. However, you do not outreach to them directly but essentially use them for finding prospects.
  • Prospect sites – are pages with broken links to the site you should target, the ones you want to offer replacement content.

Target Site Lists

Mining sites for broken links is the first step in developing what you target.

  • Targeting Resource sites – This involves finding well-known, authoritative areas of your business that are relative and likely to have plenty of links from other sites.
  • Keyword targeting – The approach is identifying keywords you ideally want to rank for. Use the keywords to place on Google the sites to focus on with broken links on their pages.

Find Broken Linking Pages

Site Explorer
Site Explorer

Once you have a list of target pages, you need to identify the broken links. And there are plenty of tools out there to assist you:

  • Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider
  • Ahrefs Site Explorer

These are two good examples.

Here is the ideal process to follow:

  1. In the SEO tool, enter the URL of every target site
  2. Assess the profile of the site’s backlinks
  3. View the incoming links to identify the top pages
  4. Find each page that has an HTTP code (404 error) to direct to your target page

These are the sites you outreach to replace the broken link. Add the sites to your list.

What Content Do They Actually Need?

Examining the original destination to match the content is the easiest route. Identify a video, blog post or infographic and what is the article’s objective? Look to use this information to help guide you to what content to deliver.

Sometimes if you can locate the page, it can have moved to a different section. You can use Google to run a search looking for the domain if you can’t find a suitable shot of the page you are searching for.

The original URL may contain part of the anchor text of the original article’s title to the referring domain.

Create And Improve the Quality of New Content

Creating new content sounds great, but it is easier to adapt or use existing content. However, you don’t always get the golden prize; maybe the article doesn’t fit. So, it’s a risk and a reward.

Is it a respectable site for a worthwhile backlink? Also, is the topic topical? Are people interested? Is it worth working on a piece for this subject?

If it is, then fill the gap. And at the end of the day, the least you will achieve is a valuable, informative piece on your own site.

Of course, the downside is you may not see your due reward for your hard work, but that’s SEO. There are no set rules to any of it but use your time wisely – here’s how:

  • Look to target sites with plentiful inbound leads, then that will help your potential for numerous pages to add content
  • Keywords can optimise and boost your site’s DA, bringing organic traffic to you
  • Quality over quantity – ALWAYS
  • If the content is bad – Rewrite it
  • If statistics are out-of-date – Update them
  • Make sure all internal links are functional


There are many nuances in SEO today, and many are overlooked. Still, they all play a vital role in the system to enhance your strength and visibility to Google and the SERPs. Today’s broken link building service is part of the cog that turns the wheel.

But with internet usage and competition at an all-time high, I would not go this alone. It’s like a boxer going into a fight without a trainer or training camp. Look for a reputable SEO company and ask for their advice. They are looking for business post the pandemic as much as you are. It’s an excellent time to build a solid, long-standing relationship. The best advice for 2022, and good luck.

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Written by John Baker

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