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Which Operating System is Good to Install on an Old Laptop?

Operating System
Operating System

An operating system is an inbuilt software in your laptop that manages the computer processors and memory. It is also known as OS. You may consider your laptop useless if you think about its performance without an operating system installed on it. Because it will not be able to run the programs and manage any hardware and software programs. In the market there are several genuine operating systems, Windows and Linux are two of them.

What is Windows?

Published by Microsoft, Windows is an operating system that provides a way to run software, manage files, download videos, etc. To this date, Microsoft has sent off several variants of Windows and Windows 11 is the most recent one.

What is Linux?

Made by Linus Torvalds in 1991, Linux is an open-source working framework that is utilized to deal with memory, storage, and computer processors. Apart from this Linux also builds a connection between the hardware and software of your system.

Difference between Windows and Linux?

Windows and Linux both are operating systems but there are some key differences that make them disparate from each other. Here we are going to discuss those differences in detail based on their usage and file system.


There is a reason that Linux is mostly used on servers and not on personal computers, it is harder to use than Windows. Even so, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its benefits. For example, Linux is very stable and secure, making it a good choice for servers.

Plus, it is open source, meaning that there are many different versions and that you can customize it to your needs. So, if you are looking for a stable, secure, and customizable operating system, Linux may be the right choice for you.

Windows has been the reigning king of PC operating systems for many years, due in part to the licensing agreement it has with Microsoft. This agreement allows various PC vendors to bundle Windows OS with their machines, which gives Windows a significant market advantage over Linux. While numerous PC sellers, like Dell and HP, have begun to offer Linux as a pre-introduced operating system, Windows is as yet the most famous choice.

File systems:

In Microsoft Windows, records are regularly put away in directories on various information drives like C: D: E:. Be that as it may, in Linux, records are requested in a tree structure beginning with the root directory, further stretched out to different other sub-directories. This difference can be confusing for people new to Linux, as they are not used to navigating a tree structure to find their files.

In Linux, everything is a file. Files can be directories, regular files, or devices connected to the computer. This makes Linux a very versatile operating system, as everything can be managed using the same set of commands.

Now you have understood the nuances between Windows and Linux. After that let’s see What are the best Linux operating systems and best Windows operating systems?

Best Linux operating system for an old laptop

Here are some best Linux operating systems suited to old laptops-

Ubuntu Linux:

Ubuntu Linux’s popularity comes from its user interface which is similar to Windows and macOS, making it easy for most users to adapt to Ubuntu without experiencing a steep learning curve. Well-known internet browsers are viable with Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is designed to be lightweight and familiar, making it an excellent choice as a Desktop OS or server OS.

Linux Mint:

Linux Mint is a Linux-based working framework that includes a conventional UI suggestive of Windows or macOS. Not at all like those operating system choices, this specific arrangement is intended to be more lightweight and easy to understand. Linux Mint remaining parts are profoundly adjustable while focusing on security and adaptability. A solid arrangement of uses is introduced naturally here. Additionally, numerous Windows applications can be incorporated, as well.

Though open source programming is focused on, restrictive programming can be used too. This gives clients the smartest scenario imaginable. Eventually, Linux Mint is the ideal answer for people who need the advantages of open-source programming yet in addition need the usefulness of restrictive programming.

Linux Lite:

Linux Lite is the perfect distribution for users who are transitioning from Windows to Linux. In addition, it works well for users with older hardware, as it runs very well on low RAM. With Linux Lite, you get access to popular Windows software like Firefox and Spotify.

Linux Light is a conveyance that has been intended to make the change from Windows or Macintosh simpler for clients. It is strong enough on all equipment types to feel quick and lightweight, so clients can zero in on finishing their jobs of decisions on a brilliant working framework.

Puppy Linux:

Pup Linux is quite possibly the most likable working framework. It has a number of features that set it apart from the competition, including the fact that it can be run from a CD-ROM or USB flash drive without any installation required. In addition, Puppy Linux can be run on any type of processor, and it only requires 300MB of RAM to do so.

Best Windows operating system suited for old laptops:

Window 7, Window 8, or Window 11- Which window operating system works for your old laptop?

Windows 10 is altogether quicker than Windows 7, however, numerous more seasoned PCs can run Windows 7.

The performance of Windows 10 has remarkably increased over Windows 7, but many older computers can still run Windows 7. Both operating systems have advantages and disadvantages. Windows 7 provides a more fluid experience, and some older games run faster. Newer games, on the other hand, do not run smoothly on Windows 10 and require more tweaking to be playable.

Even when compared to Windows 7, Windows 10 comes with a great deal of new and improved features. According to some users, the Start Menu is more intuitive and faster than Windows 7. Some users, however, are still hesitant to upgrade to Windows 10 because they believe it is less secure than Windows 7. You can configure Windows 10 to feel similar to the previous operating system, so you don’t have to worry about switching.

Windows 11 has numerous upgrades over Windows 10, which ought to make your refurbished laptop run quicker. One of the principal upgrades is further developing the memory of the executives. The new operating system likewise has improved snapping, Dynamic refresh rate, Direct Capacity, and significantly more. These will bring about a quicker PC and a more extended battery duration. The following significant update to Windows is coming in October, so in the event that you have an old PC, you ought to redesign it soon!

To utilize Windows 11, your PC should have an eighth-era Intel or AMD processor, a TPM 2.0 chip, and a secure boot. Tragically, numerous more seasoned laptops miss the mark on specs. In the event that you have a more seasoned PC, you might need to purchase another one or remain on Windows 10. Luckily, there is far to make your PC viable with the two adaptations of Windows. Utilizing the PC health checkup application, you can see whether your PC meets Windows 11’s base necessities.


We have mentioned all the significant operating systems in both Windows and Linux. Now it depends on you to decide which operating system you want to use for your old laptop and computer.

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