How to Save OST as PST Format on Mac- Complete Guide

Save OST as PST

MS Outlook is an email client commonly used by various business organizations, individuals, and offices for communication purposes. Most users configure their account with MS-Exchange Server to save the email mailbox into local storage. It creates an offline folder called Offline Storage File (OST).

In addition, when a user configures an Outlook account with IMAP, data is synchronized and downloaded in the OST file format. But there are some circumstances a user needs to convert OST to PST format.

PST files are very different from OST files because PST is an online storage file. Outlook originally stored the data in a PST format called Personal Storage Table on the server. It is an open file format generally used to store emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc.

The data is stored systematically in PST formats and is more secure than OST data. PST offers various flexible and customizable options to the users compared to OST.

As it is often seen, many users face difficulties when trying to save OST as PST on Mac. So In this blog, we will tell you how to easily change OST file to PST without any hassle. But before moving to the solution, it is necessary to know some reasons behind OST to PST conversion.

What are the Reasons to Save OST as PST file?

As we have discussed, PST files are very different from OST files, that make them easily compatible with the users. Talking about the merit of PST files over OST files, it is very clear that PST delivers smart privacy and security features.

PST files can easily be backed up to any device and quickly shared from one system to another system. When users turn OST into PST, then they are allowed to secure PST file data with a password. Users can easily customize PST files also prevent the data from any unauthorized access.

Below we have discussed some important factors under which users have to save OST as PST.

  • OST files are not made for transfer and users can only work offline. While PST files provide both share and working options to the users.
  • Sometimes, the MS Exchange server crashes because of numerous factors like power failure and malicious software.
  • Due to Exchange server maintenance and downtime, the data saved in the mailbox becomes inaccessible. In such a situation, it is necessary to Outlook import OST into PST.
  • When users transfer OST files into PST, it becomes possible to recover corrupt OST files and save as PST.
  • Outlook provides systematic updates of PST files to meet the new requirement of the users.

These are the multiple reasons why users need to move from OST to PST files to work efficiently. After knowing the reasons behind the OST to PST conversion, we proceed further to the solution. So without taking more time, let’s see the procedure to convert OST file to PST manually.

What is the method to Save OST as PST?

method to Save OST as PST
method to Save OST as PST

There is a number of fake solutions available over the web that guarantee to transfer the OST files into PST on Mac. Multiple websites claim that they can convert your OST files into PST by just uploading your file to that site. But all of these solutions are inconclusive and do not give any results. These solutions are not safe and reliable to convert with your valuable data and might put your data at risk.

Talking about the truth, there is not any method available to convert OST files to PST manually. Yes, you read it right, there is no manual process that can save OST as PST. All you have to do, is go for a direct method or automated method to convert OST into PST.

Now the question arises in your mind how to convert an OST file into PST on Mac? You don’t need to worry anymore, because we have also discussed the possible solution to import OST into PST.

How do I open an OST file without an Exchange server ?

To open OST files without an Exchange server, users are required to change the OST file to PST. MacSonik OST to PST Converter is an advanced and top automated solution that accurately converts OST files into PST on Mac.

It is the most recommended and risk-free solution that delivers a quick and safe OST to PST conversion process. Users are only required to follow the below steps to transfer OST into PST.

Steps to save OST as PST Effortlessly:-

Install and Launch MacSonik OST to PST Converter on your Mac device.

  • Click on the Single File option to convert a single OST file or select Multiple Files/Folder to select multiple OST files.
  • Now hit the Browse button to proceed to the next.
  • In the next opened wizard you can see the mailbox items of selected OST files in a tree structure.
  • Now, Check the mailbox items to select OST files to turn into PST format.
  • Click on the Preview button to view the data selected OST file.
  • Now press the Next button to turn OST into PST on Mac storage.
  • Click on Save/Migrate As drop-down menu and select the PST option from the list.
  • You can tick the Mail Filter and Task Filter option to save OST as PST based on the selected date.
  • Click on the Path to Save button to choose the desired destination path of the resultant file.
  • Finally, hit the Convert button and your selected file will convert into Outlook PST on Mac.

By following the above-mentioned steps users can quickly change OST file to PST with ease. A professional OST to PST converter for Mac privileges multiple options to make the conversion process smooth. It delivers 100% accurate results and safe conversion of OST to PST on Mac OS. Let’s know about some benefits of using an advanced Mac OST to PST Converter solution.

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Advantage of the direct method to Save OST as PST

There are various advantages of a direct technique to Outlook import OST into PST. Users can get higher accurate results without any data alteration by using an automated solution. It precisely maintains the actual hierarchy of the folder in the entire conversion process. If any users want to convert multiple OST files into PST in bulk, it is also possible with a direct technique. It is a time-saving and user-friendly process as well as does not require any technical expertise to use.

Below are some of the major benefits of using an automated solution.

  • Users can easily turn OST into PST files including all the attachments and other mailbox items.
  • It is possible to import selected OST files to PST using the Mail FIlter and Task Filter feature.
  • We can quickly remove duplicate emails from the conversion process based on To, Date, Subject, From, etc.
  • Users are also allowed to convert OST emails without attachment files.
  • If the resultant PST files are too large in size, users can also split those oversized PST files.
  • Users can also select the destination path and input a custom folder namer of the resultant file.
  • There is a download report option, to store the process details in local storage when you save OST as PST.
  • A professional Mac OST to PST converter also enables the users to convert OST into 20+ email clients and file formats.

Mentioned above are some of the most common benefits of automated solutions. For such factors and efficient OST to PST conversion, experts suggest an advanced OST to PST Converter Tool.


OST files can store large amounts of data, and it is easy to access those files offline. But in some situations, these files become inaccessible, and the user needs to save OST as PST. In this blog, we have covered some reasons for converting an OST to PST on Mac. It is stated that there is not any manual technique to save OST data into PST.

Many sources and sites offer to convert OST to PST manually or online. But it is not a safe choice to deal with your valuable files. So, it is advised to use a professional OST to PST Converter Tool to risk-free and precisely convert OST data into PST. It offers bulk conversion including various customizable options without any data alteration.

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