Best Small Business Cloud Accounting Software in Malaysia – 2022 Edition

cloud accounting software
cloud accounting software

Accounting Software is on-trend. Accounting software plays a major role for most businesses. It not only helps you manage financials but also increases efficiency, value and success.

Accounting software allows companies to keep track of important figures and assets in their books, making them easy to use in future budgeting, accurate reports, and greater efficiency.

Accounting and bookkeeping software is an essential part of any business as it keeps track of financial and operational data. It also stores important data required in dealing with clients on a regular basis.

My books

My books is a simple cloud accounting software that helps you keep track of your finances, run your business and make smarter decisions. With minimal effort, you can create accounting accounts, invoices, and other reports.

My books
My books

In my books, you will quickly get all the accounting tools you need with a few clicks. my books is not only restricted to Malaysian users but the application can be used worldwide.

With my books, you can manage your inventory, bank reconciliation, multiple businesses, multi-role access, misc transaction, invoicing with inbuilt invoicing templates, TDS payment, industry-specific features, cash flow, multi-currency and more.

As my books offers 25+ business reports, you can see real-time analytics, which helps businesses to increase their productivity.

Auto Count

Automate your finances with the help of Auto Count accounting software. With it, you can get automated bills and income summary reports for payments received or received for services or products sold.

The application offers great flexibility as well as the possibility of having bill requests sent via email to customers’ email addresses. It helps you to manage any business, small or large, with ease.

Auto Count is a financial management software designed to help you manage your small business. Auto Count helps you track expenses and sales, automate invoices and ensure payments are received on time. It even integrates with QuickBooks to make accounting easy!

Quick Books

Quick books accounting software is one of the most commonly used cloud accounting software worldwide. The cloud accounting software works with any device that is connected to the Internet, including smartphones and tablets.

QuickBooks is a great solution for small businesses and personal users alike, giving you total control over your business from anywhere in the world.

Quick Books

With its comprehensive range of features and flexible functionality, it helps businesses of any size manage their finances more efficiently.

Quick books offers robust accounting solutions for businesses of all sizes. It helps in guiding your business goals, maintaining accurate financial records, and providing easy reports to access at any time or location.

Mr. Accounting

Mr. Accounting is the most popular GST accounting software in Malaysia. This GST accounting software helps businesses catch tax-deductible and non-taxable payments made by customers.

Mr. Accounting

Reduce your tax obligations with Mr. Accounting, the GST accounting software to boost your business performance.

You can use it to run your business, you can import and export invoices, purchase orders, and inventory, and manage GST returns and invoicing information.

Wave accounting

Wave Accounting is the next cloud-based accounting software for small businesses in Malaysia. With Wave Accounting you will have the ability to manage daily transactions, create invoices, and send payments.

Featuring an easy-to-use interface, Wave Accounting offers you complete control over your finances while simplifying taxes with its cutting-edge software solutions.

Wave accounting

Wave is one of the online accounting applications that was featured internationally. Wave accounting has various character sets such as invoices, billing, fees, receipts, and payroll, this venue is designed especially for small businesses, freelancers, and billing advisors.

If you’re examining for an agenda that can endure all financial operations at no cost, then businesses can go for wave. But one of the huge disadvantages of wave accounting is, that it charges per transaction.

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FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting system that allows you to run your business more profitably, easily, and honestly. The software helps companies create invoices, manage accounts receivable, invoice clients, and make payments easily – helping you to increase productivity and get paid faster.


Use FreshBooks Accounting Software, to maintain your books and boost cash flow with our cloud-based solution that gives you the tools you need to track financial transactions and view them in one place.

FreshBooks helps you get your business on track. It’s easy-to-use, reliable accounting software that’s designed to help you get organized and save you time.

Zoho Books

The most delinquent entry in the specialization of accounting systems is the Zoho Books Accounting and bookkeeping application. It is online accounting software and can be effortlessly used from all kinds of devices with the assistance of the Internet.

Zoho Books

The information in this respective accounting software is not stored on your device but it is stored on the cloud and can be smoothly accessed from every location.

Zoho Books is simple cloud accounting software designed to help small businesses manage their finances. It includes Sales, Receivables, Inventory, Expense Tracking, Quoting, and Billing.

Xero Accounting

Xero is a cloud accounting software used by small businesses in Malaysia and other countries. It allows you to handle your finances with just a few clicks of a button.


It includes many features, but the most important feature is that it is simple and easy to use. Now, It helps you track your income and expenses in real-time while making them easy to view throughout the day.

Xero is cloud-based accounting software for any small or medium-sized business, designed to make it easy for you to capture and manage your financial information from anywhere. Xero makes it faster and easier to organize and grow your business by automating accounting tasks – so you can focus on what’s important.

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Busy is a cloud accounting software used by small businesses around the world to manage their financial information.

Xero Accounting Software

It is a simple, affordable cloud accounting software solution for businesses that want to take control of their books. It can assist you to create invoices, track expenses and invoicing, and manage accounts receivable and Paypal integration. It’s simple and straightforward combined with cloud storage.

Profit books

Profit books is a cloud accounting software used by small businesses around the world to manage their business.

Profit books Software

The app helps you make important financial decisions, including budgeting, forecasting, and cash flow management. It has one-click built-in invoicing and inventory management, making it easy for you to get paid quickly and create accurate reports on your sales directly from the app.

The bottom line

The above is the list of cloud-based accounting software used by small businesses in Malaysia, to help them manage their financial information. They are easy for you to use and keep you organized, so you can make informed business decisions.

It also makes it easier for your partners to work with you because all of the information is in one place.

FAQ’s For cloud accounting software:

What is cloud-based accounting software?

Cloud-based accounting software refers to accounting software that is hosted on a server rather than at your computer. Because interface and information are stored in the cloud, you can use it from almost anywhere in the world.

This means you have full access to the same software and data wherever you are. You don’t have to own dedicated hardware or office space in order to use the cloud-based version of your accounting software

What is the difference between desktop accounting software and cloud accounting software?

The main difference between cloud accounting software and desktop accounting software is that the former requires a subscription, while the latter is free to use.

Cloud accounting software allows businesses to develop their own accounting applications, while desktop software requires expert knowledge and technical support to operate.

Cloud accounting software makes it easier for small businesses to grow in a competitive market by providing them with online services such as invoicing, order tracking, customer management, invoicing with multiple locations, and more.

Desktop accounting software provides these services without the need for additional monthly fees or training on managing multiple accounts.

What are the benefits of cloud-based accounting software?

Cloud-based accounting software is great for small businesses who want to save money on hardware and operating system licensing, as well as on software maintenance. With cloud-based accounting software, you don’t have to worry about being locked into a single system and paying more than you need to.

Users can access the cloud-based software from any location, which means they can work from anywhere when needed. This also helps prevent data loss and corruption in non-desired locations, but it is not required in order to use the program.

Cloud-based accounting software also offers unlimited user access with no need for additional licenses or equipment. Other benefits include instant connections between all of your users at any time and anytime.

Why are companies using cloud computing?

The biggest reason to use cloud computing is the ease of use. The internet allows vendors and end-users to access information and services with a few clicks. This can be over 50% faster than traditional methods, cutting down the time it takes to complete a job or get work done.

The native communication tools embedded in most applications allow for easy collaboration on projects, which means companies can work together more effectively than ever before. Another benefit of using cloud computing is that it allows employees to work from home, making their tech requirements much easier and more convenient.

Users can also take advantage of vast space and bandwidth on cloud servers, which would typically cost hundreds or thousands of dollars on your own computer system.

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