What Are The Upsides Of Using Mesh Coils?


Every few years, a new innovation emerges and shakes the foundations of the vaping industry; in recent years, the most significant innovation has been the mesh vape coil master. Mesh coils are mentioned frequently in online discussions about vaping equipment and products, so you can’t avoid hearing about them if you’re in the market for a new vape tank or just curious about what others think of the latest innovations. So, what exactly are mesh coils and why are they so useful? Should you get a mesh coil for your next vape tank or pod mod?

If you want a short answer, know that most of Innokin’s most recent vape tanks feature mesh coils, which we absolutely adore. We’re confident that you’re going to love using your new mesh coil tank, as these coils are ideal for practically any vaping situation. But if you need more information than that, we have you covered. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about mesh vape coils!

Mesh Coils Are Defined As

It helps to have some familiarity with standard vape coils in order to grasp the concept of a mesh coil. Until the invention of mesh coils, every vape coil performed in the same basic way. Historically, e-liquid was vaporised by a heating wire wound into a spiral coil. The heating wire was coiled, so it was called a “atomizer coil.”

The mesh used to create these coils sets them apart from their wire counterparts. A mesh coil, on the other hand, makes use of a mesh strip, similar in appearance to a window screen. The strip is typically installed vertically after being tightly wound into a cylinder to facilitate a steady airflow. Multiple mesh strips may be used in tandem in a high-end mesh vape coil to increase vapour production. The only distinction between a mesh coil and a standard vape coil is its construction. Instead of a twisted wire, a mesh strip is used for the heating surface.

However, As A User, You Can Expect To See A Significant Change.

So, why did people start making mesh coils for electronic cigarettes?

Traditional vape coils had reached a performance ceiling, prompting the invention of mesh coils as a means to eke out any remaining gains without incurring unacceptable drawbacks. Using larger wire gauges and/or more wires can increase the surface area of conventional vape coils. However, the industry had progressed to the point where even the best vape coils needed around 100 watts of power to operate efficiently and didn’t provide a great experience because they tended to pop loudly or spit vape e-liquid into the mouth while in use. The world’s cloud chasers were going to need a new kind of vape coil, it seemed. The mesh coil proved to be the technological breakthrough that the vaping market had been waiting for.

Why Do People Use Mesh Coils?

The mesh coils used in modern vape pens offer two significant advantages over their predecessors. In addition to providing a larger mass surface area, they improve wick-to-wire contact. To see how these two advantages translate into a better vaporising experience, let’s look at some concrete examples.

Mesh Coils

  • The mesh coil has a much lower profile than a standard vape coil. It can then make a tight and uniform seal with the wick, preventing any condensation from forming pools. When in use, mesh coils make very little noise and rarely if ever spit vapour, unlike some other types of vape coils. Mesh coils heat more uniformly than regular coils, so they tend to last longer. Mesh coils are ideal for cloud creation because of their large surface area while remaining incredibly compact and lightweight. Due to its low mass, a mesh coil can generate enormous clouds of vapour while still requiring only a small amount of power. Mesh coil tanks allow a single-battery vape mod to produce the same amount of vapour as a dual-battery mod. If you want your mod’s battery life to last longer, try switching to a tank with a mesh coil.

When Using Mesh Coils, Is There Any Downside?

Most vapers who give mesh vape coils a shot will agree that they’re a significant improvement over the old school variety. However, there are still those who may stick with the tried-and-true vape coil design for one of two reasons.

  • The droplets of vapour produced by a mesh coil are much smaller and more uniform in size than those produced by a high-end traditional coil, giving the vapour a drier taste and feeling in the mouth. You may prefer traditional wound vape coils if you prefer vapour with larger droplet size and a “wetter” character. • If you use a mesh coil with an e-liquid that has a very high nicotine strength, you may find the experience overwhelming.

Are There Any Good Vape Tanks With Mesh Coils?

Innokin’s goal has always been to be at the vanguard of innovation in the vaping industry. Additionally, we have created some technological advances of our own, which we will discuss below.

Innokin Plex: The Innokin Plex is the tank you need if you’re looking for the biggest clouds and most flavorful vapour your vape can produce. This tank makes use of our proprietary Plex3D coil, a novel form of heating surface we invented specifically for this application. The Innokin Plex is capable of producing flavours that are extremely bold and distinctive because the heating surface of this coil has a three-dimensional texture that increases the surface area in comparison to other mesh coils. Maintaining a clean vape tank and periodically replacing the coil can be a major hassle for some users. You won’t have to settle for a subpar vaporisation experience if you use this tank.

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