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Which Is The Budget-Friendly Universal Remote?

Find Out The Best In The Market

Budget-Friendly Universal Remote
Budget-Friendly Universal Remote

There are different types of universal remotes are available in the market. Selecting the best among them is a crucial fact. But when selecting the universal remote, we should pay a little bit of attention to some of the factors like compatibility, easiness in programming, budget, etc.

In this post, I am going to share the best budget-friendly universal remote control that you can own for under 10$ and can be used along with your TV, DVD player, or even home theater system.

What Is A Universal Remote Control?

A universal remote control is a remote that can be able to work with multiple devices at home. The same remote can be used to pair with various devices and can control all of them. By knowing that you may have some doubts in your mind about the cost of the remote. But, to be frank there are third-party universal remotes for a price starting from 5$ to 500$.

Different types of universal remotes

There are some varieties of universal remotes available in the market

  • Normal universal remote
  • Advanced universal remote
  • Advanced and smart universal remotes with a hub

The normal or ordinary universal remotes are like our original TV or DVD remote control. It only has limited features. The programming method also known as the pairing process is using universal remote device codes.

The other type of universal remote is an advanced universal remote control. This will have some cool and advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity to control streaming devices, smart TVs, display features, a scrolling wheel to switch between the devices, etc.

The third one is an advanced smart universal remote with a universal remote hub. This type of remote is used to control the devices of the entire home using a universal hub box.

Which is the budget-friendly universal remote?

There are a hell lot of small-budget universal remotes available in the market. Some users, don’t want to spend so much amount of money just buying a remote control. They just want a small-budget remote control For such users, universal remotes with a price of less than 10 of 15$ enough.

From my experience of mine, I’ll rank three remote controls as the best budget-friendly universal remotes.

They are GE, RCA, and Philips universal remote.

Among them, I’ll definitely go for GE universal remote control.

Why GE universal remote control?

Because of having extensive compatibility, the GE universal remote aka general electric universal remote from ByJasco is the best budget-friendly remote available in the market.

Don’t worry when you don’t have a high budget to find the replacement remote control for your TV, or DVD player. The price range of the GE universal remote is between 5$ and 20$. Broad compatibility is one of the features that I rank as the best one.

This GE universal remote can work with a hell lot of TV brands worldwide like Samsung TV, Vizio TV, LG TV, Sony TV, or even with Roku streaming devices. There are some separate remote codes are available for each of these device brands. And the codes will be 4 digits. You should go through 3 or 4 steps to pair your TV with this remote control. Before pairing or programming the remote control, you should know the code list version of the remote control. Basically, there are 3 code lists are available such as CL3, CL4, and CL5. Among them, CL3 remotes are too old versions.

Number of supported types

The GE universal remotes are of different types like 3-device, 4-device, 6-device, and 8-device remotes.

Really what does this means?

The numbers belong to the number of devices that can be programmed to that particular model remote.

Let me take an example.

When you have 3 devices at your home live two TVs and one Roku stick. One TV brand is Samsung and another one is Toshiba TV. When you buy a 3-device GE universal remote control, you can program the remote control to all three devices using the device codes.

When you programmed your GE model universal remotes to all these three devices, you can use the remote to control these three devices. No 4th devices can be added.

So, when you plan to buy this universal remote, I would recommend you to buy 6 or 8 devices supported. Because there will be a small difference in the price of the remotes. Moreover, you can avoid the different types of remote controls that are spread on your table. Just use one remote control to use along with different remotes.

Easiness in troubleshooting

When there is any trouble in working the GE universal remote control, there is a simple method to fix the issue. All that you need to do is reset the remote control. There is a reset code available or you can just soft reset the remote control to get rid of the errors found with the GE remote.


Along with simplicity, there are some cool features loaded into the remote control. One of the models has a backlit feature which means the light is present on the circuit board. This will simplify controlling your devices in a dark room. This is also helpful for the elderly people at your home.

GE is a growing company, providing value-added products at minimum cost. Their replacement remote is one of the best examples.

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Written by James Rocco

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