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Is there a free app to spy on someone’s phone without touching it?

Android Spy App for travel

Do you want an android spy app? So I received a call from a hospital. It was morning time when I didn’t even have my coffee. They called me to abruptly come to the hospital. My son had an allergic reaction to one of the food so he was in emergency. Well according to my reports he should have been in the school. I went to the hospital and after the first aid and necessary medical attention, he was out of danger.

They told me they received a call from another passenger. Now the word passenger was enough to reveal the secret. He was not at a school and not just that he was far from the neighborhood. Thank God he was fine so let it slide till he come back home after complete recovery.

During that process, I called my husband told him everything. I asked him to get the app he recommended a while ago for children. For the record, he referred to an android spy app the OgyMogy, and discussed that we should use it for teenagers as well. The majority of his friends and families are the parental control app user so it was a normal thing for me. But unfortunately, I  was not in the right state of mind.

I voted against this idea as at that time I thought this is some kind of betrayal to the kids and it shows that we don’t trust them. After some months I was proven wrong and that too in a very harsh way. So it was time to pop the bubble and go out of my comfort zone. We got the app and I can’t even tell you How much I regret the time I  denied this amazing tool.

Android spy app for employees

How well do you know your employees personally?. I mean I know it is a dumb question to ask in the first place but it is kind of impossible to know about the general habits, attitudes, and life choices of every employee at the workplace. So many are good at faking it, others don’t bother to show their real self to everyone.

Thus you can’t simply pick who is the loyal one and who is planning something behind your back. Dishonesty at the workplace is common and can’t be defined in a single word or line. It can be something simple like stealing in terms of time or some mere tool or it can be in terms of work contribution or money.

It can be least minor to get noticed or it can be so loud that it affects your companies reputation in the whole market. But whatever is the type or whoever is the culprit, you can’t simply keep a check and balance or know about employees’ work ethic by using the custom tools.

According to, at least 75% of employees have confessed that they have done stealing attempts at the workplace at least once. Whatever the form is no one is saved and one must know about the importance and how to solve this solution once and for all.

Especially when it is about the important call and stuff it is really necessary to keep the record and monitor every move of the employees. The hidden spy app usage is very common to keep a thorough check on the employee’s activities. One of the apps that offer quality services an employee monitoring app is OgyMogy. The app is a real blessing, especially for those businesses who involve call services and verbal deals, etc. Here is how one can use the app.

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Photo Tracking:

All the devices I owned, my pc, tablet, laptop, and phone have this app installed in them. If I do not remember what pics I have already prepared and edited, I can access the photo track feature and see what pictures are being done.

Important Alert:

In case you are still wondering about that fact if this is a good decision or not then don’t. The use of an android app is all about protecting your kid from any hazard. It is about supervision and assuring their safety and not about the intrusion of any kind. Every parent wants the best for the kids and this is the way of modern parents to assure the wellbeing of the kids.

Real-Time Location Tracking :

One of the reasons that triggered the need for parental control app in our case was unannounced outings and plans. Thus the app that offers an excellent location tracking feature was my prime choice. GPS location tracking feature offered by the OgyMogy spy app makes it possible for parents to track the kid’s location in real-time.

Directory for History of the Whereabouts:

In case you want to know about the daily. Whereabouts and movements of the kid. you can get it with the OgyMogy android spy app. The app saves the seven-day history of the target person for the user. You can know if your kid is frequently skipping school, visiting an abandoned building, leaving town, or anything else.

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Geofencing is another extraordinary feature offered by the OgyMogy spy app. It is the virtual marking of the safe and restricted zone on Google Maps for the target person. That means every movement of the target related to the safe and restricted zone will be notified to the user immediately. For example, you can mark regular zone in a safe area like home, a nearby playground, a friend’s house, and school.

Similarly, you can mark an adult club or any other place that is on your hit list and you don’t want your kid to visit in the restricted zone.

The best thing about this app is that the easy-to-use interface makes it possible for anyone to use the app. The cloud-based service and easy access to the online dashboard make the app one of the best choices to use as a data backup source.

In the start, I got the monthly deal but soon after that, we switched to the yearly bundle. The app offers no discrimination of basic and advanced features to its users. It is not simply an android spy app as one can get the Mac and Windows spy app version. I have also started to use the app for personal use. Visit for more details and many extraordinary features.

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