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Apple’s Future Plans for Mobile Phones – Face ID, Display And Camera

Apple future plans expansions and Diversification

Apple's Future Plans for Mobile

Rumours are already spreading about the new Apple mobile phones to be launched in the market in the upcoming and the current year since the iPhone 13 series. In 2024 it is assumed that Apple would launch all-screen smartphones by introducing the iPhone 16 Pro.

As Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo said, this mobile would be the first to present Face ID located under the display screen. The engineers of this brand are constantly experimenting with several ideas installing more improved technologies in Apple mobile phones to make these phones smarter than other smartphones in the market.

Plans for Apple mobile phones

The list below throws some light on their plans for Apple mobile phones that are yet to be launched in the current and upcoming years.

Device Size

It has been heard that they are changing the size of the upcoming mobile phones eradicating the 5.4-inch dimensions of the Apple mini-series of mobile phones as it failed to impress the customers. They are concentrating on making the flagship mobile phones larger.

iPhone 14 Device Size
iPhone 14 Device Size

You can anticipate a 6.1-inch iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and 6.7 inches iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Cases made for iPhone 13 series would not fit for iPhone 14 series because of the large screen.

Face ID Recognition

In 2017 iPhone came up with Face ID recognition to unlock the mobile phones, but that would change with iPhone 14 Pro series. In the iPhone 14 Pro series of 2022, it was anticipated that Apple would install some integration of a round-shaped hole of the camera and a pill-shaped cut out to create the Face ID recognition.

i phone 14 Face ID Recognition
i phone 14 Face ID Recognition

The circular-shaped camera would be used as a Face ID dot projector. A pill shape cut out of the camera would be the front camera of the upcoming Apple mobile phones. You could only see this feature in the Pro series. The other iPhone 14 series would have the old part for Face ID recognition.

The iPhones of 2023 would represent a circular hole and pill-shaped cut-out of the front camera for Face ID recognition to unlock the future iPhones identical to the 2022 iPhone 14 Pro series.

But in future, this design would not be restricted to the Pro models. They would shrink the pill and the hole design for Pro models. But it would take a few years before Apple mobile phone would be ready to present the Face ID under the display screen.

They are also planning to put the Face ID hardware under the phone’s display since that would leave more space for the screen on the device’s front side. They could also come up with a brilliant idea of installing time of flight design which is laser-based. This idea would help them introduce some changes like True Depth camera array and unibody lens design to reduce the size of the front camera module.


There would be a change in the camera outlook. They are making the mobile phones’ bodies thick to eliminate the bump created by rear cameras. If this plan works out, then all the other features like lenses, LiDAR and flash can be fitted flatly at the same level. iPhones always come up with some changes and improvements in cameras.

Iphone 14 Camera
Iphone 14 Camera

This time, they could develop the ultra-wide camera periscope zoom lens to provide more optical zoom. This is doubtful whether this change could come in the near years. The Pro series of iPhones would provide 48MP cameras, and they could record 8K quality videos.


There are rumours that the iPhone 14 series would continue using the A15 chip used by iPhone 13 series, but iPhone 14 Pro series could use the A16 chip. It would have the same 6GB RAM as the iPhone 13 series. The A16 chip would be built on TSMC’s “NP4” process, which could be the third optimisation of the 5-nanometer family.

I phone Chip
I phone Chip

Apple mobile phones are anticipated to manufacture using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X65 chip. It would be the maximum 10 gigabit 5G radio frequency (RF) that offers a faster 5G internet and lower latencies. It would provide better battery life and Wi-Fi 6E.

Now this is also predicted to be introducing a new emergency feature which would be satellite-based. This would help the customers to send emergency texts and report accidents even if the individual is not within the internet coverage.

ProMotion Display

I Phone 14 ProMotion Display
I Phone 14 ProMotion Display

Apple could reject ProMotion Display technology for the iPhone 14 Pro series because it does not provide the required display. 120Hz refresh rates would be ideal for iPhone 14 Pro features. It has come known that at least one of the iPhone models would be introduced without 120Hz ProMotion Display technology.

Body Design

The iPhones 14 series are expected to follow the same feature as the iPhone 13 series, which has a flat-edged physical appearance. The new models of Apple mobile phones would look similar to the iPhone 13 with camera bumps at the rear side of the mobile and the same diagonal camera outline.

It has been claimed that there would be no camera bump and round volume buttons. But there is also a rumour that nothing would be changed in terms of display.


Iphone 14 Colours
Iphone 14 Colours

The iPhone 14 series could appear in the purple colour shade with a distinct finish and shift coloured tone depending on the reflection of light. The iPhone 14 and 14 Max would be available in black, white, red, blue, and purple. While the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max would be available in silver, gold, graphite and purple.

Body Material

Apple’s iPhone 14series is anticipated to be manufactured with a high-end material called titanium for its framework design.

Apple has used this material in manufacturing Apple Watch. This would be the first time they would use this material in iPhones. Titanium can resist scratch, and it is claimed to be sturdier than steel and aluminium. This material also resists corrosion.

Cooling system

Apple mobile phones would like to adopt a cooling system with a vapour chamber. Since high-end iPhones consume more power to provide a faster 5G internet connection, a thermal system with a vapour chamber should be installed. It would keep the device cooler when it is under maximum usage.

Iphone 14 Cooling system
Iphone 14 Cooling system

It is still doubtful whether this thermal system can do the needful for Apple’s high-end phones. But the engineers are working on improving the cooling system so that flagship iPhones can cooperate with the thermal design in the future.

Lightning Port

I Phone 14 Lightning Port
I Phone 14 Lightning Port

Apple aims to manufacture the latest iPhone models devoid of any Lightning ports to have a portless design on the phones. The charging would be done by placing the phones over MagSafe. But it is still doubtful which 2022 iPhone models would introduce this feature. But still, some of the upcoming iPhones would be seen with Lightning ports.

Car Crash Detection

It has come known that Apple is planning to install a car crash detection system for the upcoming iPhones and Apple Watches. The engineers would install the accelerometer sensors that would spot car accidents by evaluating a spike in gravitational force.

The iPhones and the Apple Watch would instantly dial the emergency number for help in detecting car accidents. It was primarily a plan to be installed for iPhone 14 series and Apple watch series 8 in 2022, but it would continue for future devices.

No Physical SIM Slot

Apple advised significant US carriers to get ready for the launch of e-SIM designed smartphones only. It was decided that iPhone 14 would launch devoid of a physical SIM slot, converting the design to an e-SIM only.

I Phone 14 No Physical SIM Slot
I Phone 14 No Physical SIM Slot

This tells us that the iPhone 14 series would be the first slot devoid of a SIM port. Apple represented some iPhone 13 models without the nano-SIM in the box where the cellular plans are activated by e-SIM. An e-SIM permits cellular plans to be applied to a device without the help of a nano-SIM.

The e-SIM practically is not accessible in most countries, so iPhones need to continue with a nano-SIM slot. Customers can select their required version of SIM if SIM-free iPhones are available though it is not mandatory. The Apple web page mentions the list of countries that support e-SIM.



Apple sold 1TB with Apple 13 Pro models. Still, rumours are spreading that Apple can add an extra 1TB of storage for the iPhone 14 series, providing 2 TB.

Final Thoughts:

It is still beyond our imagination that one day we would carry a powerful piece of technology that would become a fundamental part of our daily life. A couple of years back, the idea of carrying the whole world in a small pocket was impossible. But within a blink of an eye, Apple has taken the entire concept of mobile phones to another level.

Every year they come up with brilliant ideas thinking about what their customers would like to have this time. They aim to make the iPhones do a significant part of our jobs on our behalf.

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