How to export NSF file to PST: Best Effective Approaches

export NSF file to PST

Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes are famous email providers preferred by lots of individuals, organizations, institutions, etc. We gotta understand the needs and the strategies to export NSF file to PST.

If you are searching for questions like, How do I open an NSF file in Outlook or How to import NSF files into Outlook, you are at the right spot. Here we will discuss the best available ways to move Lotus Notes NSF files into Outlook PST. It constitutes a manual approach with easy steps. To make conversion straightforward, we are including experts recommended software. Its name is Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter. We will learn all this here. But before that, let us throw some light on the significance to export Lotus Notes email to Outlook.

Motives to Convert Lotus Notes Archive to Outlook

These all are reasons to export NSF file to PST:-

  • Outlook runs comfortably on all Mobile devices.
  • Microsoft Outlook delivers 51 add-ins.
  • Lotus Notes is comparably more expensive than the Outlook application.
  • Security features of Outlook are much better as compared to IBM Notes.

These all reasons let users move Lotus Notes NSF files into Outlook PST. Let us learn the manual method to convert Lotus Notes Archive to Outlook PST.

Manual Process to Export Lotus Notes Email to Outlook

In this manual method to migrate NSF to PST, we will use the Lotus Notes application to complete the process. This method comprises two stages:-

  1. Export NSF database to CSV
  2. Import CSV file into Outlook

Stage 1: Export NSF database to CSV

Following are the steps to export NSF to CSV:

  1. Firstly, launch Lotus Notes on your system.
  2. After that, tap on File and choose Open.
  3. Now pick the NSF file you want to export.
  4. To proceed further, go to the File menu and tap on Export.
  5. Then, set a name for the Output file and select its location. Then opt for Comma Separated Value under the option save as type.
  6. Now, in the appeared dialogue box, select the options as per your need and Finally hit the OK button.

Here, we have successfully exported the NSF file to CSV in a specified destination. Afterward, we need to follow some additional steps from the 2 stage to export NSF file to PST.

Stage 2: Import CSV file into Outlook

Given below are the instructions to import CSV file using MS Outlook:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your PC or Laptop.
  2. Now, click on File in the menu bar and select Open and Export.
  3. After that, choose Import and Export option to open the Import/Export Wizard.
  4. In the opened Window, opt for import from another program or File and hit the Next button.
  5. Now under the option, select the file type to import from, pick the option Comma Separated Values, and press on Next.
  6. To proceed, scan and find the CSV file created in the prior stage. Then, opt for the alternative related to duplicates and click Next.
  7. Subsequently, pick the location folder to save the Outlook file and press the Next button.
  8. Finally, select the provided check box in the occurred dialogue box and click on the Finish tab.

In such a manner, we can successfully import CSV files by following the above steps.  The manual methods are effective and help to export NSF file to PST. However, many experts in this field don’t advise users to use manual procedures. In view of the fact that there are some limitations in Manual processes. Let us discuss these shortcomings in the successive context.

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Drawbacks of Manual ways to Migrate NSF to PST

Manual ways to Migrate NSF to PST
Manual ways to Migrate NSF to PST

These are some weaknesses of Manual techniques:

  • It Contains tedious and complex steps.
  • The method Consumes lots of time of the user.
  • Users require an understanding of both the email providers.
  • You can only convert a single NSF file at one time.
  • The manual approach doesn’t ensure data safety. Thus, there are chances of data loss.

You can also use the second approach to move Lotus Notes NSF files into Outlook PST. The consecutive procedure is a professional way to export NSF file to PST.

Professional Method to Convert NSF to PST Without Lotus Notes

The professional method involves using a reliable utility to migrate NSF to PST. The name of this advanced utility is Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter. It helps users to export Lotus Notes email to Outlook with ease. Also, It allows users to migrate Lotus Notes objects like Contacts, Calendars, Mailboxes, Tasks to Outlook PST. The utility can convert multiple NSF files in one click. Additionally, its user-friendly interface makes it easier for novice users to use it effortlessly. This professional software has some notable features for easy and quick conversion.

Final Thought

This post contains all the information to help users to export NSF file to PST. Here, you can learn the manual trick with easy steps to migrate NSF to PST. However, the technique was not free from shortcomings. Furthermore, We also learned about the professional way to convert Lotus Notes Archive to Outlook PST. To conclude, I want to advise users to opt for the Professional method for quick and secure conversion.

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