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Google Map Extractor

Yes! It is possible by using Google Map Extractor Software. In recent years, Google Maps scraping has been enormously popularized, in particular with the arrival of web scraping tools that makes possible a practice that was until then reserved for programmers.

What Exactly Is Google Map Extractor?

Instead, Google Maps Data Extractor will literally scrap the business listings data for you, collect data you’re looking for, and then structure that data into an easy-to-understand format.

Google Maps Scraper automates this process so it can be done on autopilot. Meaning you can automatically find the best b2b leads (including all their publicly available information) and then use this to make your lead generation much faster.

Why Google Map Extractor?

Google Maps has data of more than 12 million valid and registered businesses. Google doesn’t share its search volume data.

However, it’s estimated Google processes approximately 5.4 billion searches every day. And while it’s tough to know how much data Google Maps has. Not to mention endless business information on potential clients just waiting to be reached out to.

But who has the time to go through all that data manually for lead generation? Manually looking for b2b leads, collecting data, and turning it into a viable list of potential customers is time-consuming and a waste of valuable hours.

That’s where Google Maps Listing Scraper comes in.

Why Should You Try Scraping Data From Google Maps?

Scraping the entire internet for business data is going to churn up generic information, even with the help of data scraping services.

For B2B businesses, marketers, and freelancers, focusing on Google Maps for b2 leads will yield much better results. This platform is full of local businesses, international businesses, and professionals that make up targeted audiences in almost every B2B market. With almost 12 million real businesses it’s a gold mine of business data to help you grow your business faster.

Data collection from Google Maps gives you the opportunity to create a targeted list of potential b2b leads with all the information you need to create effective b2b outreach campaigns.

The real question should be, why wouldn’t you try scraping data from Google Maps?

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What Is The Future Of Google Maps Scraping?

While there is still a grey area regarding the legality of Google Maps scraping, we can say for certain that Google Maps data scraping in itself remains legal. This is big news for freelancers, marketers, businesses, and agencies.

With a large amount of business data presented online, there is an amazing amount of information available that is difficult to obtain any useful insights from on its own.

Thankfully, there are many Google Maps Scraping tools made available that are able to tidy up the necessary data and eliminate any white noises. Scraping popular platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and especially Google Maps can be extremely beneficial to companies.

How To Scrape Data From Google Maps Using Google Maps Extractor?

Google Maps Email Extractor is easily one of the best scraping tools available. Google Places Scraper extracts business data and arranges it in CSV files, Excel sheets, and Text files, depending on what works for you.

The Google Maps Lead Extractor software has a full dashboard that does a bulk business profile crawl to extract emails, phone numbers, and other contact details directly from Google Maps whenever you’re surfing and exports them directly to your dashboard ready to use.

You are not a programmer, and you still want to scrape Google Maps for b2b leads? No problem, I’ll show you how to scrape Google Maps using Google Maps Business Extractor, in a few steps.

  • Start by downloading Google Maps Crawler from our website
  • After installing the software, select the category like Restaurants, Hospitals, etc.
  • When you click on your targeted category, you will see all the results for that category from Google Maps. Now you can scrape these search results easily by clicking on the button “Extract”.
  • If you don’t find your targeted business in the selected category, you can find a business by name, zip code, and business listing URL.
  • After scraping data from Google Maps, you can export all the extracted data in CSV, Excel, or Text files by simply clicking on the “Export”
  • Google Maps Grabber will extract business email, phone number, ratings, reviews, latitude, longitude, business hours, description, title, images, links, and much more.
  • Scraping data from Google Maps is the easy part – once you have it set up, Google Maps Reviews Scraper will help you collect a stream of data from Google Maps on a daily basis.
  • The price for this tool 99$ for a month, but there is a free trial to get started with.

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How Scraping Data from Google Maps can Boost Your Lead Generation?

Scraping data from Google Maps is just the first step in your lead generation efforts. Once you’ve found a tool that works for your company and begins generating a list of potential b2b leads, you can use this information to create much more effective outreach campaigns.

From data scraping from Google Maps you’ll not only have contact information such as name, email address, or phone number, you’ll also have more in-depth information such as business title, ratings, description, etc.

Using Google Maps Lead Generation Tool, you can boost your marketing campaigns to the next level.

Rather than sending out the emails to everyone and getting hardly any replies, you are sure that you are sending emails to ‘X’ company that will bring in a consistent stream of warm leads every day.

The best part is once you’ve integrated your list of potential businesses you got from your Google Maps Contact Extractor, the outreach process is incredibly easy to set up and totally automated.

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