What is Mattress Mack’s Net Worth 2022? Biography & Early Life

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Mattress Mack’s Net Worth
Mattress Mack’s Net Worth

Jim Mclngvale, better known by his stage name Mattress Mack, is an American businessperson. The most common question people ask about him is, ‘How Much is Mattress Mack’s Net Worth,’ which is an estimated $310 million in wealth. He is well-known for owning and running the Houston-based retail business Gallery Furniture. Details of Mattress Mack’s net worth reveal how he became wealthy and what factors drove his business decisions. His success story is unique.

In addition to creating a corporate empire, Mattress Mack is well known for placing significant wagers, particularly in Houston, on sporting events. He is renowned for placing huge wagers and adding promotions to his establishments. Although doing this can seem dangerous, it is a business technique that increases his sales.

Mattress Mack’s Profile Summary:

Full nameJames Franklin McIngvale
NicknameMattress Mack
Date of birth11th February 1951
Age71 as of May 2022
Zodiac signAquarius
Place of birthStarkville, Mississippi, USA
NationalityAmerican Residence: Houston, Texas
Eye colorGrey
Hair colorGrey
Height in CM174 cm (about 5.71 ft)
Height in inches5' 8"
Known forGallery Furniture
Marital statusMarried
SpouseLinda McIngvale
Jim 'Mattress Mack' McIngvale Net Worth$310 million
FacebookJim Mcingvale

The Jim Mattress Mack McIngvale Net Worth

James is renowned for his brisk, upbeat sales speeches, which usually conclude with some variation of his slogan “saves you money! He holds a title in the USA because of his brilliant business sense and incredible sales abilities. He gained notoriety for using his last $10,000 to purchase a TV ad to save his company. His sales climbed significantly because of the commercial, which was an enormous success.

Mattress Mack’s Net Worth in 2021 is $280 million and Mattress Mack’s Net Worth in 2022 has increased to $310 million.

Age of Mattress Mack

James Franklin Mclngvale, better known by his stage name Matthew Mack, was born in Starkville, Mississippi, on February 11, 1951. He will be seventy-one years old in May 2022.

Mattress Mack has a Degree

James attended Bishop Lynch High School, which his father established in Dallas. Later, he changed to North Texas University in Denton, which is now the University of North Texas. He participated in college football.

Who is Married to Mattress Mack?

What is the name of Mattress Mack’s wife? She is Linda McIngvale, the tycoon’s wife. Along with her husband’s success, Linda is also a successful producer. She is well known for her work on Good Morning America (1975).

The Westside Tennis and Fitness Club is another organization that Linda founded. She started the business to help those with mental health issues. James, Elizabeth, and Laura, her three grown children, are her only offspring.

Linda has backed the professional endeavors of her spouse. They contributed as executive producers to the 1992 film Sidekicks, starring Jonathan Brandis and Chuck Norris. In exchange, Chuck Norris appeared in several Gallery Furniture commercials.

Children of Mattress Mack

James and Linda have three kids: James McIngvale, Laura, and Elizabeth. The most well-liked of Mattress Mack’s children is Elizabeth. She founded the Peace of Mind Foundation and is a philanthropist. The business magnate’s second daughter is Laura McIngvale. She is also a businessperson and is the proprietor of the Vince Young Steakhouse and the Brick & Mortar Kitchen. Texas is where Laura’s business is. She served on the Peace of Mind Foundation’s board of directors.

The businessman’s only child is James. Few details about him are known, and he likes to live quietly.

Mattress Mack’s route to wealth

James has accumulated his money through his retail furniture brand, Gallery Furniture. He made the most of his marketing plan, which mysteriously increased his sales. He is renowned for taking chances.

Mattress Mack is an avid sports bettor as well. Since Louisiana legalized sports betting, he has been taking chances. He sometimes wins a lot of money and occasionally loses a lot of money. People notice whenever he places a bet. Mattress Mack’s Net Worth from 2020 has increased surprisingly even in covid times.


In America, Mattress Mack has enormous success and acclaim. Throughout his career, he has seen tremendous success and popularity. Despite all his popularity and success, Mack is an extremely modest person. He has assisted several people in their difficult moments. Throughout the Houston and Texas natural disasters, Mack has helped many by giving them food and shelter. Mattress Mack is regarded by many as a legend and an idol.

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