15 LinkedIn profile tips to help job seekers – 92% Successful

How do I approach someone on LinkedIn for job opportunity?

LinkedIn profile tips
LinkedIn profile tips

LinkedIn helps in sharing your experience, abilities, and qualifications with hiring managers, as well as establishing and connecting with your connection and enhancing your professionalism.

It might be just as important as a well-written résumé for a job seeker. LinkedIn is the location where you’ll be investing the majority of your time if you’re searching for a job.

But what about the platform that brings them together? Because LinkedIn is the finest location to get employment.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service. It helps to communicate work-related information with other people and maintain an online network of great contacts. LinkedIn, like Facebook, helps to establish your own profile.

15 tips for making for LinkedIn profile attractive for seeking a job:

Highlight your name within the community

Keep your name exactly how you would like to be recognized. If you modified your name during your career and wish to be discovered under your prior name, you can utilise the former name feature. You may also control who sees your previous name.

Provide your contact information

You may insert a Twitter handle, multiple website URLs, a corporate web address, contact information, email account, and more in an address file at the lower right-hand corner of your introduction box, below your LinkedIn URL, underneath the fancy URL and top third of your profile.

Using this section allows recruiting managers to reach you more easily.

Change the settings on your public profile

LinkedIn profiles are automatically configured to be viewable by the general public. Whenever your profile appears in a search engine result, you may choose which portions are open to the public.

Usually, people would want to see all of the parts, but you may elect to use a different technique when determining what is shown or not revealed.

Use your tagline

It is critical to optimize your slogan for your LinkedIn profile. Use the keywords, descriptions, and objectives in which you want to be identified by recruiting managers and hr in your tagline, also referred to as your headline. Don’t know what keywords and phrases to use?

Examine job descriptions that interest you and then choose the terms that best represent you.

Use keywords

Keywords should be used throughout your profile, not only in the tagline. Use terms in your description and background sections that will allow hiring managers to “discover you” in a keyword search.

Use as many words as possible that illustrate your talents, subject matter knowledge, and skill sets, especially in your summary and experience paragraphs.

Display your work

There are various parts in your profile where you may highlight your work and professional achievements, as well as express your personality. Each one of these components can help to provide depth to your overall brand.

Add data such as articles, activities, courses, and voluntary work in each of these categories. Upload any relevant files, presentations, or videos. Make certain that everything you include emphasizes your special style.

Showcase your skills

The talents section enables you to instantly associate distinct skill sets that you wish to promote. The possibilities appear endless, yet this is the place to recall your area of expertise.

Concentrate primarily on the abilities that are most relevant to your overall profile and the sorts of job openings in Elizabeth City NC you are looking for. You may use the job descriptions as a guide to choose which search terms to add.

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Open to work

Using the Open For Work option on your profile, you may notify recruiters that you are available for work. It’s a clever tool that adds a green label to your profile, helping it stand out and plainly indicating that you’re open to new chances.

Right Profile Picture

First and foremost, sure, it is necessary to have one. Users with a profile picture receive up to 21 times the number of views. Look at what other individuals in your field are wearing and choose something comparable. Make an effort to appear nice and clean.

Receive Recommendations

The finest form of social lift you can get on LinkedIn is from coworkers, managers, clients, suppliers, mentors, and others who make recommendations about your work and ability.

Make contact with your contacts and request a referral. The higher the quality of the recommendation, the better.

Create a Mobile-Friendly LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Mobile applications are used by around 40% of LinkedIn users. While the information available on a computer is the same as that accessible on a mobile device, the style and functioning differ, so there are a few things to keep in mind. Check your profile on your own phone to see how it looks on a smartphone.

Complete your profile to 100%

After you finish your profile, it will appear in LinkedIn search terms for your networks. As a job seeker, this is critical for getting discovered by recruiters. Complete your profile by following the steps.

If you are not already employed, provide a “current” position indicating the sort of job you are seeking.

Describe any professional duties you are participating in while seeking your next position. Having this “to present” position stated will help you complete your profile completely.

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Subscribe to more LinkedIn Groups

If you join more groups, you are in the connection sites of the team members of these groups, not simply your three degrees of relationships. This allows your profile to appear in an exponentially greater number of search results.

Engage with other people’s post

The involvement will boost the number of people who see your profile and may result in actual conversations. The idea is to use LinkedIn as an online networking tool that leads to offline contacts.

Don’t add some random people

If enough individuals reject your request and claim they don’t know you, LinkedIn has the authority to terminate your account.


Above mentioned tips can give you insights into how to become a pro at LinkedIn. We have no question that if you implement these 15 suggestions, you will perform well beyond your competitors and earn more job opportunities than you may imagine.

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