Increase Organic Traffic
Increase Organic Traffic

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7 SEO Fundamentals to Increase Organic Traffic – Get 100% Result

As the web continues to grow larger every day, Google keeps on constantly evolving the indexes that will help your content rank higher. In this fierce bid to improve content ranking, SEO is the one true friend that content creators and companies can rely on.

The world of SEO is quite exciting as it changes from year to year as per new rules and regulations by Google. Meaning an excellent SEO strategy for this year may not have such high relevancy next year depending on the changes made in Google’s policy, and your site may not be able to generate good organic traffic.

To help you gain better insight on increasing organic traffic on your website, we have put together a few SEO fundamentals that will help your content gain better visibility. You can use these tips to improve your SEO or hire SEO experts who will do it for you.

Regularly updating your blog and posting new content on your website helps you establish yourself as a thought leader in the business. Blogging regularly can also help you generate fresh leads from the viewers who read your content. Additionally, you can have exciting content for Google to index, and maybe it’ll help your page rank higher in the SERPs.

To write about content relevant to your business and industry, you can seek new topics from sites like Quora and Reddit. People often post their queries, require insights and assistance, and then optimize the blog with good keywords. You can use keyword research tools to get a list of keywords and spread them across your blog for better categorization.

  • Design Lucrative Title Tags

Optimizing your title tags have multiple benefits. They can attract relevant attention in SERPs and increase your visibility to the searching audience. Studies show that Google is inclined to rewrite title tags where it might consider the title is not describing the elements of the page as well as it could.

However, 87% of the time it still uses the title elements, thereby emphasizing the need to write compelling title tags to writers and content creators. This advice also extends to meta descriptions of the page.

A good meta description can give you a good CTR (click through rate) which can boost your page ranking. So remember to write headings that are fresh yet relevant to your page content and not filled with unnecessary keywords.

  • Conduct A Competitor Analysis

If you want to improve your SEO strategy and rank higher than your competitors, you need to know their SEO game too. By conducting an analysis of your competitors’ best-performing pages, you can understand what type of content works best for the audience you’re targeting and improvise according to that knowledge.

Analyzing your competitors’ web content and SEO strategy can point you in the right direction to increasing your own organic traffic. By figuring out the activity and intent of your competitors, you can get your biggest wins by identifying potential areas of interest that you can write about to drive traffic to your website.

  • Intent Is The Most Important: Write Accordingly

While designing content for your website, one thing that you absolutely need to focus on is the search intent of the audience. In the process of creating and optimizing content, many writers and companies often forget the most important factor of staying relevant to the search intention of their audiences.

In a rush to post new content and communicate better with their readers, businesses overlook the importance of ideating what the audience would search for and what answers they are looking for.

To rank on Google, you need to create content according to what the searchers are looking for. You need to align the content and keywords with search intent to get the best results.

  • The Importance of Internal Links

Internal links are essential in boosting organic traffic to other verticals of your website. By placing well-spread internal links in your blogs or guest posts, you can gain fresh clicks and readers for your website.

Using internal links to boost site traffic is an underutilized trick. If done skillfully, it passes both PageRank and relevance signals and can help your site jump from page 2 of SERPs to page 1.

This low-cost SEO technique helps viewers navigate to the content most relevant to their search and pushes them deeper into the topic. This makes them more likely to become connected with your brand or whatever product or service that you are pitching.

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  • Improve Page Experience Of Users

Provide your audience with  flawless page experience when they visit your website. Smooth loading content with appealing visuals and not too many pop-ups that hinder their experience to intake the information that you are displaying can count as a good page experience. They will be able to trust your content and site more for any information they require on related topics if there are not too many distractions on your web page.

Google defines page experience as “a set of signals that measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page beyond its pure information value.” You can test your site on various metrics such as loading time, mobile friendliness, interactivity, and stability amongst others to gauge its effectiveness.

  • Audit Your Declining Content

You need to consistently audit your existing content to remove dead backlinks that hinder the page experience of users and negatively affect your page ranking. And you can hire SEO experts from leading companies to revamp your content with a new set of keywords to increase it’s relevance in the SERPs.

You can analyze the performance of your pages and make decisions to either update or delete low-performing pages from your site. You can easily do this with the help of Google Analytics. Auditing your content allows you to fix your mistakes such as old and broken backlinks and modify your content to suit the trends and rank higher.

You can add featured snippets to long-form content as they are the newest trend that users rely on for information.


In summary, SEO helps you optimize your website and content to boost organic traffic but you need to stay vigilant and change your SEO strategies in accordance to the latest marketing trends and changes in Google’s policies to maintain a high rank on the search engine.

You can always hire professional help from expert IT professionals to re-optimize your SEO and boost your organic traffic, if not, then you can pick any one strategy from above and start from there.

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Written by John Baker

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